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The Southdown Flush stand.

Take a look at our Flush stand, featuring our new 100 ft towers – ideal for game shooters, corporate days or those looking to try something a bit different to our regular Sporting stands. Pre-book today by calling reception on 01903 877 555 (available every practice day, subject to weather!)

The Skeet range

The Skeet range is another discipline we offer at Southdown – perfect for beginners and equally useful for shooters looking to train or practise a particular skill. Why not book a lesson with one of our qualified instructors to give it a go!

Grouse Butt

The Grouse Butt – Game shooters love to practice grouse shooting before and during the season on this dedicated stand. Check out our video showing you our grouse butt…not just for game shooters! Available every practice day at Southdown.


Sporttrap is one of our most popular disciplines at Southdown. Our mini video explains a few of the key points you need to know to give you an introduction if you haven’t shot Sportrap before. We regularly run STR competitions – you can check our fixtures here (…/…/december-2019/) to see when our next 100 reg. […]

The Lane – Pay and Play

Take a trip down The Lane, used for practice and competitions every week at Southdown. There are 12 stands (24 challenging targets) to choose from, which change weekly, so there’s always something new to try.

The Pattern Plate

We use our Pattern Plate service when gun fitting or for customers making new gun purchases in the @southdowngunroom. You can also purchase the cards to use on your own guns to ensure they fit you correctly.

How to use Promatic Traps

Ever wondered how to use the traps properly? Let us talk you through how to load the traps and release your targets, whether you’re shooting with friends or on your own. Did you know we are a @promatictraps Centre of Excellence? This means we are using the newest Automatic technology on all of our permanent […]

Southdown Corporate Days

Christmas party season is just around the corner, and although you may not have considered a Clay Pigeon Shooting day out for your team before, it’s a fantastic way for everyone to try something new and have a fun day of bonding/competition! So what can you expect from a Corporate Day at Southdown? Watch our […]

Clay Ground Safety and Etiquette

Wondering what to do when you arrive for a day of shooting? Let us talk you through how to get your target card and equipment ready…plus how to follow shooting ground etiquette at Southdown!

Gun Fitment

Need help with your gun fitment? This video featuring Gun Room manager Aaron Jackson and Senior Instructor Iain Stirling, help explain how you can determine the proper fit of your shotgun stock.

Gun Checklist Before You Shoot

Iain Stirling, the Senior Instructor at Southdown, talks through the various things to check before taking your gun out on the range.

Buying your first gun

Are you looking for your first shotgun? We cover everything from budget to gun fit and different features in this video featuring our Gun Room manager, Aaron Jackson and Iain Stirling, one of Southdown’s qualified shooting instructors. Check it out if you need some advice on choosing your first gun!

Our Gun Checklist Before you Shoot

Following on in our shooting mini-series, Iain Stirling, Senior Instructor at Southdown, talks through the various things to check before taking your gun out on the range.

Southdown’s Gun Room Tour.

Stay tuned…We are going to be starting a mini series of videos to help beginners and advanced shooters alike when it comes to everything from gun fit to how to use Promatic traps, to gun handling and buying a gun. We’ll also be showcasing some of the disciplines available to shoot at Southdown in the […]