The First Eley Speed Steel
Ian Coley Sporting Spring Open Day
Beretta 1301 Gen 2 – Deep Dive Review and Disassembly
Somerset Driven Shooting
The Huntsham Shoot, Devon
Stoneycairn Gundogs
Perazzi at the London Shooting Show
An Introduction to Wildfowling

Pace Brothers

Year of the Salmon.
Let the Science Speak.
The Rise and Fall of a Mountain King.
Quick Cook Wild Duck.


FoamAction Sports **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD
Sig Sauer M17 (C02) **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD
NWCP .223 AR15 Side Charger **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

Dave Carrie Shooting

Let’s Go To The Local Duck Shoot (Brandesburton)
Worlaby’s Traditional Lincolnshire Partridge Shoot With a Crack at Some Bionic Duck
The Worlaby Shoot (TRAILER)
Welsh Gem – Plas Dinam (Best Game Shoots in Britain)

Point of Impact

CZ 22lr Rimfire Rabbits | Long Range
Foxing with the Yukon Photon RT | CZ 527 17 Hornet
Yukon Photon Long Shots off Shooting Sticks | Howa 1500 .204 Ruger
Trio of easy .204 Ruger Headshots | Howa 1500

Viking Arms

ROEBUCKS in France.
APRIL 1st.
Merkel HELIX Speedster.

Hot Air

The Daystate Red wolf Blue, the Brocock Bantam Laminate and a fantastic subscribers contribution.
Pump up the airgun, pump it up, a pump it up yo pump it.
Fascinating special guest from Hill pumps, plus bonus silly hat.
More hot air about airguns.


How to Hit S3 Episode 3: A simultaneous pair: Two R-L Standards.
How to Hit S3 Episode 2: A simultaneous pair: A quartering blaze, and L-R crossing.
How to Hit S3 Episode 1: Shooting an On-report Pair Using Two Different Methods.
CPSA Awards 2019 – Tristan Hockey, Young Shot of the Year Award


The Brand New scope from North West Custom Parts.
The Northern Shooting Show 2018
Visiting Country Sports Wholesale, Vortex Distributer