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Game Supper – An Introduction to Game – The PIG at Combe
Junior Shooter Oliver Hooper – PSS Interview
Ben Ducker – PSS Interview
St Clair’s – Driven Game
Conners from Magload – PSS Interview
Emma Ducker Starts Practical Shooting
Worth Forest Shoot – Driven Duck
UKPSA British Masters Championship

Pace Brothers

Fishing in Scotland
In Search of Reverence – Pace Brothers
Svalbard – 78°North
DNA Film Festival – Amateur and MOTV Emerging Talent Film Bursary Winner


Newbold Targets Alpha Stand (Shoot Through Fun!) by RACKNLOAD
Karabiner Model 1931 (K31) (RANGE TIME) by RACKNLOAD
Benelli M2 SP **FIRST LOOK** with Kim Leppanen by RACKNLOAD

Dave Carrie Shooting

Let’s Go To The Local Duck Shoot (Brandesburton)
Worlaby’s Traditional Lincolnshire Partridge Shoot With a Crack at Some Bionic Duck
The Worlaby Shoot (TRAILER)
Welsh Gem – Plas Dinam (Best Game Shoots in Britain)

Point of Impact

CZ 22lr Rimfire Rabbits | Long Range
Foxing with the Yukon Photon RT | CZ 527 17 Hornet
Yukon Photon Long Shots off Shooting Sticks | Howa 1500 .204 Ruger
Trio of easy .204 Ruger Headshots | Howa 1500

Viking Arms

Roebuck Hunting | Merkel HELIX Speedster
Gamekeeping – The Mini Series S1 E6
Distributors of Calibre Since 1965
1 Minute Wednesday – Driven Boar in France

Hot Air

BSA Defiant …a slightly different conclusion to the rest. We also look at another Classic.
Webley Mk3 , Diana model 50 and the Feinwerkbau sport
Brocock Commander, Hw110K announcement , Air arms Ts400
The beautiful Air arms NJR, a Sterling you can buy …


How to Hit S2 Episode 6: An on-report pair: Midi crosser and on-report driven standard.
How to Hit S2 Episode 4 On Report Pair: Going Away, on report rabbit
#WESP2018 – Saturday – George Digweed
#WESP2018 – Sunday – Team USA in action on the Red Course


The Northern Shooting Show 2018
Visiting Country Sports Wholesale, Vortex Distributer
Review – The Britannia CZ 455 Rail.