Beretta 1301 Comp Pro – Sneak Peek
Hunt Forest Group Open Day
The Countryside Rally
Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Field 2019 – First Look
National Ladies’ Shooting Day 2019
UKPSA Home Countries Championship 2019
2019 Silver Pigeon 1 Field – Sneak Peek
Walk on the Wild Side II – Artemis Club Launch
Challenges Ahead : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show
Public Land Discussion : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show
Air Arms TDR Tactical XS
Oksekasting Target Sports – Axe Throwing
Fieldsports in Scotland.
Year of the Salmon.
The Rise and Fall of a Mountain King.
Rough Shooting In Scotland.
Cannea Pro Gear. Rack’s TORTURE Test!
Rack Cave Live!
Breda B12i (3Gun Ready) **FULL RACKNLOAD REVIEW**
Gamebore Darkstorm Devastation 28gm 6.5
Our Glorious Grouse Moors (Dave Carrie Shooting)
Catering For The Overseas Visiting Shooters With Case Sport
New Equipment On Show (Dave Carrie Shooting)
Preparations for Redemption and Last Season’s Blank
Fallow Deer Far and Near | Tikka T3x 6.5×55
204 Ruger Foxing Yukon Photon RT 6×50
CZ 22lr Rimfire Rabbits | Long Range
Roe Buck Season.
MERKEL at World Gunmakers Evening 2019
WILDFOWLING | Breda x Streamlight.
ROEBUCKS in France.
Classic Weihrauchs
A month away and plenty to talk about.
American Airgunner visits !
More hot air about airguns.
How to Hit S3 Episode 4: An on-report pair: L-R Battue followed by R-L rabbit
How to Hit S3 Episode 2: A simultaneous pair: A quartering blaze, and L-R crossing.
CPSA Awards 2019 – Julie Sperling, Volunteer of the Year.
How to Hit S3 Episode 1: Shooting an On-report Pair Using Two Different Methods.


The Brand New scope from North West Custom Parts.
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Visiting Country Sports Wholesale, Vortex Distributer
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