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Challenges Ahead : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Duncan Thomas from BASC chats to Racheal Carrie, a global hunter and field sports writer. Talking about the challenges facing the countryside community and what the future holds, for shooters in the UK’s largest shooting and conservation organisation.

Sir Johny Scott : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Sir Johny Scott is best known for writing and co-presenting the BBC2 series Clarissa and the Countryman, with the late Clarissa Dickson Wright. He is launching his new book, The Countryman Through The Seasons.

Efficient Pest Control : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Simon Whitehead of Parkfield Ferrets is joined by airgun hunting expert Mick Garvey to discuss the difference between professional and sporting pest control. The different methods deployed and the equipment that is used, including legalities and the ethics involved.

What is ISPC : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Roger Lait of Gunroom TV speaks to James Nixon, Kevin and Caroline from UKPSA (United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association) Cansh Pope International Practical Shooter.

Public Land Discussion : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

With over 700,000 hectares of public land in the UK and over 300,000 deer being culled annually, is there a larger place for recreational hunting on the public estate and how might it take shape? Sam Thompson professional deer stalker and Conservationist heads the panel on this issue, joining him is. Byron Pace a journalist […]

Social Media and Field Sports : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Rachel Carrie field sports writer and global hunter talks to Simon Whitehead, a professional ferreter and Louise Farmer from BASC with Lydia Abdelaoui the Marketing Manager for Gamebore Cartridges and Co-Founder of Femmes Fatales.

Where Do We Go From Here : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Byron Pace chats with representatives from shooting and countryside organisations, BASC and NGO and others on the current issues and challenges ahead for the countryside community.

The Path To Successful Airgunning : The Deer Hunter Symposium at the Northern Shooting Show

Roger Lait from Gunroom Tv and airgun shooter chats to airgun legend and Airgun World editor Terry Doe, about everything you need to know about making your trip into airgunning a successful one.

Air Arms TDR Tactical XS

Cansh Pope checks out the AirArms S510 TDR Tactical XS PCP air rifle while attending the Northern Shooting Show. The party piece of this rifle being that is can be broken down and packed away, in the supplied case, in just 20 seconds!

Oksekasting Target Sports – Axe Throwing

Oksekasting Target Sports gives a quick lesson in axe throwing during the Northern Shooting Show! Something a little different but great fun. For more information check out:    

Eley – Pro Eco Wad

David Thompson from Eley Hawk Ltd introduces the new Pro Eco Wad cartridges to presenter, and Eley sponsored shooter, Cansh Pope. With an ever growing push for eco friendly products this is a well timed innovation from Eley.

Holland & Holland Bursary Scheme

If you’re looking at pursuing a career in gamekeeping, stalking or as a ghillie then you could be eligible for the Holland & Holland bursary scheme for young people. Paying you up to £10,000 to help pursue your career. You’ll have to be quick though as entrees close tomorrow! Cansh Pope talks with Sam Thompson […]

9mm Straight Pull – Calibre Innovations

Calibre Innovations have recently released their CISCAR 9mm straight pull rifle, in response to the Offensive Weapons Bill which bans the very popular 9mm lever release. catches up with Calibre at the Northern Shooting Show to find out more!

Breda Steel Plate Challenge – The Final

Who will take the crown of champion of champions during the Northern Shooting Show final of the Breda Fucili Steel Plate Challenge? Run by the NTSA – National Target Shotgun Association the Challenge is a combination of speed and accuracy. We join Cansh Pope to find out the results!

Racknload & SRSPower at the Northern Shooting Show

We catch up with Sam from Srspower and Neil from RACKNLOAD at the Northern Shooting Show. Talking about how they found the show and what’s in the pipeline for their channels.

Try Clay Pigeon Shooting – CPSA Have a Go

CPSA Senior Coach Simon Arbuckle shows us the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Have a Go stand at the Northern Shooting Show. A fantastic way for new comers to try shooting and even experienced shooters to get a few tips.   If you’re interested in having a go the stand will be at The Game Fair […]

Red Dot vs Holographic – Vortex Optics

With the world of optics so vast it can hard deciding on what’s best for you. Cansh Pope sits down with Bentley Parsons from Vortex Optics UK at the Northern Shooting Show to talk about the differences between red dots and holographic sights giving the pros and cons of each.

Longthorne Unveil The Black Edition

Targeted at the sporting market Longthorne released their new Black Edition shotgun at the Northern Shooting Show. Longthorne Marketing Director Elaine Stewart gives us a close up first look.   For more information visit:

What’s New from Magload?

MagLoad have been releasing loads of new products recently, shotgun caddies / quadloaders, Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 safetys, ambi-mag releases, magwells and more. We caught up with Conners on his stand during the Northern Shooting Show to see the lastest and greatest.   For more information visit:

What is Firearms UK?

Mike Lindsay and David Ewing from Firearms-UK talk about what Firearms UK does, its goals and what shooters can be doing to help further the sport. We catch up with them on their stand during the 2019 Northern Shooting Show. For more information check out:

New and Improved Breda B12i

Conners joins Breda Fucili Brand Ambassador and UKPSA PRO James Nixon on the Viking stand during the Northern Shooting Show to talk about the improvements made to the B12i.