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Partridge and Apple Sauce – James Golding On Game

Join The Pig Hotel Chef Director James Golding Chef once again using Partridge to cook up a wonderful dish.

The 2020 PSG British Masters Preview

The 2020 IPSC PSG British masters held by HTRPC was an AWESOME match. We will be posting a series of stage breakdowns alongside footage of some of the podium finishers but for now here’s a little montage of some of our highlights.

Venison With Bashed Neeps – James Golding On Game

Join The Pig Hotel Chef Director James Golding Chef cooking his Venison with bashed neeps and a beetroot and black garlic vinaigrette.

An Introduction to Longbow Shooting

Join Gunroomtv’s Conners and special guest Ed Harris a longbow enthusiast as they explore the history and workings of longbow shooting.

Pheasant With Rainbow Pancetta – James Golding On Game

Join The Pig Hotel Chef Director James Golding Chef cooking his Pheasant with rainbow charred panchetta, oyster mushrooms and maple dressing.

BBQ Venison – James Golding On Game

Join The Pig Hotel Chef Director James Golding Chef cooking his BBQ Venison with chili, corn and lime salsa dressed with rocket salad and ricotta salata.

Roasted Partridge Potatoes and Peas a Game Dish to Please – James Golding On Game

Join The Pig Hotel Chef Director James Golding cooking a delicious red leg partridge, whipped potatoes with peas and broad-bean butter.

James Golding on Game

With the game season underway, we are excited to announce our new series. We’ve partnered with The Pig Hotel Chef Director James Golding to bring you new original recipes to make the most out your game this season and many more to come.

Practical Shooting Belt Setup – Ammo Forward or Backwards?

Ben Ducker from Team Ducker joins MagLoad‘s Conners on to discuss practical shooting belt setup and which orientation you should have your magazines.

IPSC Practical Shotgun Chokes Explained

With a standard choke selection consisting of 6 different sizes it’s understandable why the choice of choke can get so confusing.   MagLoad‘s Conners takes us through his chokes explaining when you would want to choke up or choke down for an IPSC practical shotgun stage.

Airsoft Surgeon Championship 2020 Highlights

The British Shooting Show this year saw the addition of the Airsoft Surgeon Championships, a highlight of the IPSC Action Air calendar!   With competitors attending from all over the world and stages that would usually be seen at a level 5 world shoot, it made for an exciting competition.   We look over the […]

Marlin 1894 / 1895 Form Rifle Stocks Upgrade

Form Rifle Stocks have once again created an original upgrade stock, this time for the Marlin Firearms 1894 and 1895. Keeping with the original design Form Rifle Stocks has added their signature adjustable cheek riser and range of colours.

Eley Hawk goes practical!

Eley Hawk Ltd is the first major shotgun cartridge manufacture to make a specific practical shotgun cartridge for the PSG market.‘s Cansh Pope sits down with David Thompson at The Target Shooting Show to learn more about Alpha Elite and future PSG cartridges Eley have planned.

A sit down with Schmidt & Bender‘s Cansh Pope sits down with Tomo Svetic from Schmidt & Bender and the The Target Shooting Show to learn more about their incredible range of scopes.

IPSC Match Levels Explained

There’s a big difference between a Level 1 and a Level 5 International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) match but what exactly does each Level represent?   MagLoad founder and United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) instructor Conners gives us an overview of what you can expect for each level.

Walther PPQ LBP – First Look

MagLoad founder Conners gives us an overview of the Walther Arms, Inc. PPQ long barrel pistol supplied by Blue Fieldsports. Is the PPQ competition ready or is it just a copy of the 9mm big brother?

The founder of IPSC Action Air – Clarence Lai

Airsoft Surgeon founder Clarence Lai shows Conners a couple of his special creations. Talking also on how the Airsoft Surgeon Championships came to be and how International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Action Air began!

Running the Airsoft Surgeon Championship – Chris Kong

The Airsoft Surgeon Championships match organiser Chris Kong goes into detail on what it takes to run a match that attracts competitors from across the world!

Auto-Loading Lifters with Josh Kenny

When Josh Kenny isn’t winning matches on the IPSC circuit he’s running J Kenny & Co., a company well known for their auto-loading lifters. Want to learn more?   Cansh Pope learns the competitive edge auto lifters give with demonstrations from Josh during The Target Shooting Show.

UKPSA All England Championship – UK IPSC Shotgun

We look back at the 2019 All England Championship held at BorderGuns P.S.G. A United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) level 3 practical shotgun gun match which saw competitors from across the world in attendance!

The Home of Vortex Optics – Country Sports Wholesale

Country Sports Wholesale distributes some of the largest names in the shooting industry including Vortex Optics.   CSW Director of Operations Chris Stutley talks to Cansh Pope about the large range of products they stock during The Target Shooting Show.

Basic Shotgun Belt Setup – IPSC Basics

What is the minimum belt equipment needed to be competitive in International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shotgun? MagLoad‘s Conners takes us through the basic belt accessories you’ll need to start shooting IPSC shotgun.

Form Rifle Stocks Crusader TAC – First Look

The Form Rifle Stocks Crusader TAC stock is designed for the long distance shooter. MagLoad‘s Conners takes the Blue Fieldsports demo Remington 700 out in its new Crusader TAC stock to the range to see the difference it makes!   If you’re interested in learning more about the range of stocks and grips from Form […]

Andy Haines – Master Class Custom Guns

Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf item or a unique custom gun Master Class Custom Guns is renowned for delivering high-quality work and service to the UK shooting industry.   Cansh Pope sits down with owner Andy Haines to talk about what’s new at MCCG during The Target Shooting Show.

Basic Shotgun Setup – IPSC Basics

What is the minimum you need to do to your shotgun to be competitive in IPSC shotgun? Magload’s Conners takes us through the basic modifications and accessories you’ll need to start shooting IPSC shotgun.

Speed Load .22LR – McFadden Machine Lightnin’ Grip Loader

Tired of spending more time loading than shooting? The McFadden Loader tops up your magazines in seconds!

Keeping Your Firearms Safe With Plano

Protecting your firearms during transport is usually the top priority for shooters. Plano Store offers a range of different case solutions for peace of mind. Greg Potter joins Cansh Pope on the stand during the Target Shooting Show 2019 to go through their range of cases and accessories.   For more information visit:

Custom Guns With Gunfellas

Gunfellas is well known for its custom gun projects, producing one off pieces for the UK shooting market. Cansh Pope sits down with the man that makes them all and Gunfellas owner Richard Vowles aka Uncle Fester during The Target Shooting Show. For more information visit:

Calibre Innovations Double R – First Look

The Calibre Innovations Double R promises out of the box race ready at half the price of the Beretta 1301 or Benelli M2. It’s time to find out if the Double R can deliver. MagLoad‘s Conners hits the Blue Fieldsports range to put the Double R to the test on reliability, loading and features.

Calibre Innovations Double R – Sneak Peek

Race-ready is a term thrown around by many companies, few, in reality, achieve it. Will the Calibre Innovations Double R live up to being race-ready?

Custom Fit Guards New Products

Custom Fit Guards have raised the bar once again with their choice of custom in ear hearing protection.   Conners drops by their stand during The British Shooting Show this year to find out what new.

New Marlin Range From Form Rifle Stocks

Form Rifle Stocks have been bringing out buckets of new products recently and the lastest is their new Marlin Rifle Range, specifically for the 1895 and 1894 models. We catch up with them at The British Shooting Show to get hands on and take a closer look. For more information check out:

Tim Wyborn on Action Air

Xsite Practical Shooting Club chairman Tim Wyborn sits down with Cansh Pope to discuss the fast growing IPSC discipline of Action Air while at the 2019 Target Shooting Show.

The Great British Shooting Show 2020 Highlights

We look back over The British Shooting Show 2020!   One of the highlights of the British shooting calendar, the British Shooting Show offers a large variety of our industry will every discipline represented over the 3 days.   Here are our highlights for this year’s show!

Oliver Hooper a Year Later

We interviewed Oliver at the show last year and it’s fantastic to see his passion for the sport has only increased! What has he been up to in the past year and what are Oliver’s plans for the future?

Staying Top of Your Game at Super Senior

United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) Chairman John Williamson discusses the problem of ageing in a dynamic sport such as practical shooting.   John with rest of Team Williamson PSG and Cansh Pope has also been working with Eley Hawk Ltd on the development of their practical cartridge. Find out what they think in this […]

Competing On the International Stage

Calibre Innovations team member and Trijicon, Inc. sponsored shooter Christian Barr talks with Cansh Pope on shooting abroad. How to train in the UK for International competitions and the best way to get shooting in countries like America for a British shooter.

Tippmann the next Mini Rifle of Choice?

Tippmann Arms UK bought in another great option for a mini rifle competition gun, with a number of top shooters moving over from proven platforms such as the S&W 15-22.   Barry Giddings talks with Cansh Pope about what Tippmann offers and what upgrades are now available to add your own personal touch.

Form Rifle Stocks – How it’s Made

Have you ever thought about what goes into making a rifle stock? The team at Form Rifle Stocks invited us down to see exactly how it’s done.   From big CNC machines to intricate hand finishing, we take a look from start to finish of how a Form Rifle Stock is made.

The Godfather of Long Barrelled Pistol – Alan Westlake

When pistols were banned in 1996 it came down to some very smart thinking from Alan Westlake, modifying a Britarms .22 whilst still complying to UK law, giving birth to the long-barrelled pistol. Mr Westlake discusses this and more with presenter Cansh Pope, this is not one you want to miss! was created […]

Zoe Perkin – On the Road to the Olympics.

GB Rifle Talent Squad member and ELEY sponsored 10m air rifle shooter Zoe Perkin sits with Cansh Pope during The Target Shooting Show. How do you get started in 10m air rifle? How do you get sponsorship? All covered by Zoe! was created to promote shooting sports in the UK and covers all disciplines […]

Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association

Tony Cattermole from the Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association joins Cansh Pope on the stand during The Target Shooting Show.   Discussing what the HBSA does and talks about a small part of their collection of breechloading firearms.

UKPSA British Masters – Practical Shotgun

Another highlight match of the UKPSA practical shotgun calendar, the British Masters held at Harlow Town Rifle and Pistol club in Dartford.   A competition that draws competitors from all over the world, certainly one not to be missed!

Conners Picks Up His Custom Fit Guards

Conners heads to Custom Fit Guards to pick up his custom in-ear hearing protection. At the same time, CEO Richard Rice gives a tour of CFG HQ and a look at the unique processes they use for their products.

Scottish Championship 2019 – UKPSA

Held at the Galloway Small Arms Club, the UKPSA International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) level 3 Scottish Championship is a highlight of the competition calendar. With competitors travelling from all over the country we saw the very best that practical shotgun has to offer.

Target Shooting Show – Coming Soon!

With the 2019 Target Shooting Show only a few weeks away, Conners catches up with organiser Mike Darby at The Tunnel Target Sports Centre to find out what’s in store!   Get your tickets:

Chiappa Rhino Upgrade Grips – Form Rifle Stocks

The Form Rifle Stocks Chiappa Rhino grips are here! Compatible with the UK legal Chiappa Rhino LBR and standard Chiappa Firearms Rhino 120DS. Stay tuned for our first look on the range! Available at Blue Fieldsports and other Raytrade UK approved dealers.

Nesika Tactical Rifle .300 Win Mag – Sneak Peek

The Nesika Tactical Rifle has landed in the UK, offering world-renowned precision engineering and accuracy. A big thank you to Raytrade UK, the UK importer for Nesika through the Remington Arms Company custom shop range, for sending down the rifle. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get on the range soon with the rifle.


We join George Champ, Managing Director for Lockyer of England, during a partridge day at the wonderful St. Clair’s estate. Learning more about Lockyer, how it started and what they do. Including their stunning Flanders Gun piece previously owned by Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald Selby Walker. For more information visit –

Paralympic Hopeful Richard Bray

Richard Bray is currently on the way to becoming a Paralympian in 10m Air Rifle. We join him at his local club Hurn Rifle and Pistol Club, to learn more about his dream of representing GB in the ParalympicsGB Team. Richard has a GoFundMe page to help achieve his goal, if you would like to […]

An Interview with Dakota Overland

A rising star within 3-Gun Nation and IPSC competition circuits. USPSA Team Member Dakota Overland joins during the Rifle World Shoot to discuss her World Shoot performance, upcoming matches, The DC Project and sponsorship.

Pia Clerté on Swedish Firearms Law, EU Gun Ban and the Rifle World Shoot stops to talk with Pia Clerté Sportshooter during the 2019 International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Rifle World Shoot in Sweden. Touching on her entry into the sport, RWS 2019, Swedish firearms law and EU gun ban.

Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Mossy Oak Bottomland

GMK Ltd’s Robert Frampton shows us the brand new BERETTA A400 Xtreme Plus Mossy Oak Bottomland while at The Game Fair this year. Borrowing features from the practical 1301 the Bottomland should be quicker and easier to use than ever before. The Mossy Oak camo will make it blend into a variety of backgrounds, making […]

Beretta SL3 20g

Last year at The Game Fair we saw the launch of the Beretta SL3 and keeping it consistent BERETTA and GMK Ltd launched the SL3 in 20g this year. Featuring the same beautiful engraving and high-grade wood just in a smaller form.

Stuart Garner Introduces The Norton V4-SS

CEO and owner of Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd Stuart Garner introduces the Norton V4-SS, a 200BHP 200MPH superbike designed and built here in the UK.   Stuart joined us on the E. J. Churchill stand during The Game Fair this year and treated us to a start-up and very loud rev of this incredible machine!

’tis The Season

The partridge season is here! We’re booked in to cover a number shoots up and down the country already, so stay tuned to catch some of the best game shooting the UK has to offer.

Pulsar Thermion XP50 – Scott Country

Outdoor Technica‘s Arius Alipour gives a quick overview of the Pulsar Thermion XP50 on the Scott Country International stand during The Game Fair.

British Game Alliance – The Future of British Game

British Game Alliance Managing Director Tom Adams explains the purpose and directive of the BGA while at The Game Fair. Addressing also the recent Badger Cull map.   For more information about the British Game Alliance please visit:

Aimcam PRO2i Fully Loaded

AimCam has already changed the game when it comes to recording your shooting, offering a completely new perspective to video. We caught up with them at The Game Fair to take a look at their new PRO2i Fully Loaded kit! You can use the discount code: GUNROOMTV for any purchase on

Le Chameau Clothing Launch – Game Fair 2019

Le Chameau, famous for their luxury boots, launched their new clothing range in style at The Game Fair this year. In partnership with Fieldings Game & Country and Hownhall Shooting the launch featured exquisite food and a cutting edge shooting simulator which both seem to go down very well!

Beretta Worlds 2019

GMK Ltd every year hosts a must-attend event for every clay pigeon shooter. The BERETTA Worlds sees the elite of the clay shooting world, this year, descend on Holywell Estate estate in Hampshire. The only exception to other English Sporting competitions is that, given the name, you must use a Beretta shotgun to compete.   […]

The Game Fair 2019’s overview of The Game Fair 2019 at Hatfield House. It was a great show with many things see and take part in, more videos will follow and we are already looking forward to next years show at Ragley Hall! Special thanks to E. J. Churchill for their outstanding hospitality and Hunt Forest Group for […]

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro – First Look

We head down to the range to test out the brand new Beretta 1301 Comp Pro! With the success of the previous version the new Pro has been greatly anticipated. We were lucky enough to be the first in the UK to put it to the test and see the improvements and changes made.

CPSA World English Sporting Championships 2020 – Venue Announcement

Exciting news from the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association on the World English Sporting Championships 2020. It has been confirmed that once again it will be held at the fantastic E. J. Churchill grounds.   Following the popularity of the course in 2018 it will also be designed once more by 26 time world champion George […]

Clay Shooters Do PSG

MagLoad founder and presenter Conners heads down to Southdown Gun Club to see their new practical bay. While there he gave some PSG training to shooters more used to clays than steels, including Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Coach of the Year Simon Arbuckle and Senior Instructor Iain Stirling.

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro – Sneak Peek

It’s the gun many practical shotgun shooters have been waiting for! is the first outside GMK to try out the new Beretta 1301 Comp Pro. We have already filmed our first look with the gun which will be released soon, but for now here’s our sneak peek!

Hunt Forest Group Open Day

Off road gator driving, digger demos, and zero turn mower rides. The Hunt Forest Group put on a fantastic open day at their new Sparkford depo giving the public the chance to get hands on with a range of their machinery.

The Countryside Rally

In response to the general licenses being revoked The Countryside Rally was formed. The rally was more than just the general licenses, a stand from the countryside against the constant interference from those who live in the city. joined the rally in support and to cover the march.

Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Field 2019 – First Look takes the brand new Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Field out for its first shots, and look a little closer into the differences to the previous generation.

National Ladies’ Shooting Day 2019

The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club National Ladies’ Shooting Day 2019 saw ladies up and down the country taking over their local clay ground. joins the S&CBC at the St. Clair’s ground for this years NLSD.

UKPSA Home Countries Championship 2019

North Cotes Butts recently laid host to the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) PSG Home Countries Championship. In attendance were some of the best practical shotgun shooters in the country. A selection of unique and challenging stages made sure everyone was kept on their toes.

2019 Silver Pigeon 1 Field – Sneak Peek

Beretta have just announced an update to their Silver Pigeon 1 Field O/U shotgun! This popular model is a staple within the shooting world, and despite its popularity Beretta are continuing to improve and refine. A big thank you to GMK Ltd for sending it over!

Walk on the Wild Side II – Artemis Club Launch was recently invited to attend the Redspot Artists “Walk on the Wild Side II” exhibition in aid of the XLP charity, showcasing some of the best game artwork and artists in the country.   The evening also paid host to the launch of Artemis Club and Sporting Agency and fresh new approach to sporting […]

The London Shooting Fair

The London Shooting Fair provided a showcase of the very best the UK shooting industry has to offer. is very happy to offer our showcase of the fair which will hopefully entice you to visit next year.

The Evolution of Conners’s S&W 15-22

Conners has made many changes since you first saw his Smith & Wesson Corp. 15-22 and it’s been sprinkled heavily with MagLoad magic. gets an exclusive preview of some new products, some still in the prototype stage!   The gun will be available to view and handle at the Northern Shooting Show next week, […]

William Moore & Grey Custom 12 Bore Matched Pair – Sneak Peek

We take a sneak peek at a stunning custom matched pair of William Moore & Grey 12 bore shotguns. Featuring grade 4 walnut, gold inlay and variable chokes, this pair will more than at home at any driven shoot. For more details visit:

The First Eley Speed Steel

Eley hosts their first Speed Steel competition, held at Stourport PRC. With over 40 competitors, including some of the best shooters, in the country it was set to be a fun and challenging day. To enter the next competition visit:

Ian Coley Sporting Spring Open Day visits Ian Coley Sporting for their Spring Open Day, featuring have a go sessions, product demonstrations, competitions and the best the shooting industry has to offer, all in one event!

Beretta 1301 Gen 2 – Deep Dive Review and Disassembly

Conners gets down to the nuts and bolts of the BERETTA 1301 Gen 2 shotgun, giving his full review of the gun at the same time.

Somerset Driven Shooting

Situated between Taunton and Exmoor, Somerset Driven Shooting fully replicates the experience of a driven game day. With challenging high birds and superb hospitality the team can highly recommend booking a day!

The Huntsham Shoot, Devon

Chris Neale of C.N – Christopher Neale Sporting Coach presents a driven day at the stunning Huntsham Shoot. Offering varied terrain, high birds and exceptional hospitality.

Stoneycairn Gundogs

Gundogs are an imperative part of game shooting, something Stoneycairn Gundogs knows very well and is passionate about. Simon Jewitt talks about what they do and what Stoneycarin is all about.

Perazzi at the London Shooting Show

Phil Unwin from RUAG Ammotec UK, UK importers of Perazzi, shows off the selection of Perazzi shotguns on the Ian Coley Sporting stand during The London Shooting Fair.

An Introduction to Wildfowling

Nick Horton, from the Langstone & District Wildfowlers & Conservation Association, gives an introduction to wildfowling on the BASC stand during The London Shooting Fair.

Terry Doe at the British Shooting Show

Roger Lait catches up with airgun legend Terry Doe during The British Shooting Show this year. Talking about new products on the market and the change they’ve seen in the industry over their airgun careers.

Wingshooting in Highlands of the Eastern Cape

James Bell from WJB Wingshooting speaks to during The London Shooting Fair and talks about what WJB offers. From walked up duck to driven guinea fowl, based in the Highlands of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Ian Coley – London Shooting Fair

This weekend sees The London Shooting Fair held at the Business Design Centre. joins Ian Coley Sporting at the show to see what they have on offer.   With two days left if you haven’t already visited there’s still plenty of time!

Conners Gets a New Mini Rifle

Known more as a practical shotgun shooter, Conners has been competing in mini rifle for a number of years. Whilst his Ruger 10/22 has served him well, for the most part, he wanted to pick up something a little more suited.

A Tour of Airsoft Mecca, Crawley Surplus

Conners visits the renowned airsoft shop Crawley Surplus Store and meets Dan, one of the gun techs at the store, to give us a full tour. From GBB pistols to PCP air rifles, if you’re looking for a gun that runs on air or batteries this is the place to visit!

A Day Game Shooting on the Exbury Estate

Set in the beautiful New Forest, the Exbury Estate offers traditional driven partridge and pheasant shoots run over the 2500 acre estate.   The season may be far gone now but back when the birds where flying high joined a team of guns to capture a typical driven day at Exbury.

Collecting the GTV Gator!

Hunt Forest Group have kindly sponsored with a John Deere 560 Gator and an Ifor Williams Trailers trailer to tow it on! We head down to their Blashford branch to collect them.   For more information on the Gator or the Hunt Forest Group visit

Sako 85 Finnlight 2 – First Look

We take the Sako 85 Finnlight 2 down the range to give a first look review. Does the Finnlight 2 live up to the quality we have grown to know with Sako rifles? You’ll have to watch to find out…   Thanks to GMK Ltd for sending down the rifle!

The Somerset Hunters – Barking Mad Lunatics of UK Shooting

Shooting doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring, The Somerset Hunters are all about keeping it interesting and fun! Cansh Pope joins Eddie and Gilo at the Scott Country International stand during The British Shooting Show.

Teague Titanium Chokes

With the release of TEAGUE Precision Chokes new titanium chokes, meets up with Teague Sales Advisor Josh Brown during the The British Shooting Show to learn more.

What’s New from Vortex Optics?

Vortex Optics UK Sales Director Bentley Parsons shows Cansh Pope what’s new from Vortex Optics this year, while at The British Shooting Show!

David Wright – Fieldsports presenter Roger Lait catches up with Fieldsports producer David Wright during The British Shooting Show. Discussing the year ahead for Fieldsports!

Rifle Training for the Whole Family – WMS

WMS Firearms Training offers shooting training and instruction to all levels of shooter, be that for an experienced big game hunter or a family looking for a different day out together. Cansh Pope joins WMS CEO Andrew Venables at their stand during The British Shooting Show.

Remington 700 PRC – Raytrade Stand

Cansh Pope stops by the Raytrade UK stand during The British Shooting Show and takes a look at the Remington Arms Company UK 700 PRC!

Amber Hill – Training and Gun Choice

Multiple time Skeet World Champion Amber Hill talks training and her custom Beretta DT11 with, on the GMK stand whilst attending The British Shooting Show. Video Credits: Beretta and ISSF – International Shooting Sport Federation

Ben Husthwaite and the Year Ahead

Multiple Time World Champion Ben Husthwaite joins’s Conners at the Laporte Corporate stand during The British Shooting Show this year. Video Credits: and Professional Sporting Clays Association – PSCA

Mammoth Ivory Knife – Emberleaf Workshops joins Dean from Emberleaf Workshops at The British Shooting Show 2019. Talking about their simply stunning handmade knives and the 60,000 year old mammoth ivory knife.

Ruger Precision .300 and .338 – Viking Arms

Conners joins Thomas Atkinson at the Viking Arms stand, during the 2019 British Shooting Show. Talking about the new calibers Ruger have released their Precision Rifle in, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag.

Alex Florance Talks Historic Guns

Blue Fieldsports sponsored shooter Alex Florance talks about his passion for black powder and historic firearms while at the 2018 Practical Shooting Show.

Breda B12i – First Look

Conners gets some range time with the new Breda Fucili B12i practical shotgun and gives us a first look.   Thanks to Viking for sending brand ambassador James Nixon down for us to have a look!

Frome & District Pistol Club

Frome & District Pistol Club FDPC open their doors to, giving us a full tour of the amzing facility they have. Membership is open to all and with the club offering so much, we expect it won’t be long until there’s a waiting list!   For more details visit:

Sako 85 Finnlight 2 – Sneak Peek

Sako set the bar high with the Finnlight, and the Finnlight 2 is certainly not living in the shadows of its older brother. gives you a sneak peek of this new rifle, with a first look review to follow.   Thank you to GMK Ltd for sending in the rifle.

Colonel Tim Collins – Artists Rifles Clubhouse Appeal

Donate: Former SAS officer Colonel Tim Collins is appealing for donations to help save the Artists Rifles Clubhouse after an expensive legal battle with the UK NRA.

Breda B12i – Sneak Peek

The Breda Fucili B12i is making waves in the practical shooting world, a new competitor to the BERETTA 1301 and Benelli M2. At a similar price point could the B12i upset the status quo? For now here’s a sneak peek of Breda’s new practical shotgun, first look review coming soon!

Beretta 687 EELL Deluxe – Sneak Peek

The limited edition Beretta 687 EELL Deluxe with only 100 12 gauge and 30 20 gauge guns being made this is already a very special gun from Beretta. Combined with the hand finished, deep relief, scroll engraving and grade III walnut this really is some of Beretta’s best work and we don’t expect them to […]

Eley at the Practical Shooting Show

Faye Williamson joins Eley’s UK Sales Manager Martyn Buttery on their stand during the 2018 Practical Shooting Show to talk about Eley’s new range of practical ammunition.

CZ455 American Stainless .17HMR – First Look

Conners takes Great British Shooting Awards rifle of the year nominee, the CZ455 American Stainless in .17HMR, down the range for a first look. Big thanks to Edgar Brothers for sending down the rifle!

Power of the Mind – Chris Mason

Chris Mason from talks to Practical Editor Cansh Pope at the 2018 Practical Shooting Show about the importance of mental preparation for competitive success.

Why the MARS VZ58 is so Important

The Offensive Weapons Bill will have its second reading in the House of Lords on Monday. Proposed in the Bill is the banning of MARS action rifles, like the VZ58, along with lever release and .50cal. Doing so would completely remove the ability for someone like Martin to take part and compete in full-bore rifle […]

Racknload at the 2018 Practical Shooting Show

Neil Wragg, founder of RACKNLOAD, joins Practical Editor Cansh Pope on our stand during the 2018 Practical Shooting Show.    

Chiappa Rhino LBR – First Look

We hit the range with the brand new UK legal Chiappa Rhino LBR. GTV presenter Conners puts the revolver to the test and gives his first impressions of the gun. Big thanks to our partner Blue Fieldsports for supplying the gun for review:

An Interview with Bluejacket Firearms

Paul from Bluejacket Firearms sits down with GTV Practical Editor Cansh Pope to talk about their new indoor training system and becoming the UK and European distributor for Ironclad gloves.

Game Supper – An Introduction to Game – The PIG at Combe

Renowned chef and GTV Food Editor James Golding hosts a Game Supper and The PIG at Combe to help raise the profile of Game and encourage more people to cook with this underutilised meat. Joined by Combe Estate Manager Justin Lascelles to also give an introduction to Game shooting.

Ben Ducker – PSS Interview

Calibre Innovations sponsored shooter Ben Ducker joins the stand at the Practical Shooting Show 2018. Talking to GTV Practical Editor Cansh Pope about his shooting career so far, and plans for the future.

St Clair’s – Driven Game

Set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside the St Clair’s Estate offers one of the best driven game shoots in the county. We were invited to join them for one of their days to be able to create this wonderful showcase.

Conners from Magload – PSS Interview

GTV presenter and founder of practical shooting accessory manufacture Magload joins Cansh in the chair to tell us how Magload was started and what new products are on offer.

Emma Ducker Starts Practical Shooting

Emma Ducker has just started in her practical shooting career and sits down with GTV Practical Editor Cansh Pope to discuss her experience so far.

Wildcat Moderators

Known more for his love of air rifles, Roger Lait is also a keen vermin shooter, spending as much time as he can out with the foxes. An essential piece of kit for hunting, Roger talks about his choice of moderator, and why Wildcat makes what he considers the best out there.

Northern Shooting Show 2018

11th and 12th May 2019 will see the Northern Shooting Show once again return to Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate. Over 300 exhibitors and dozens of shooting activities will ensure there’s something to look at for everyone.  

Holly Shoots Fitasc follows Blue Fieldsports sponsored shooter Holly Bryant as she attends her first Fitasc clay competition at the Valley View Shooting Ground.

Shield Shooting Centre – Mini Rifle Match

GTV is down at the Shield Shooting Centre in Dorset for one of their many mini rifle matches. Shield is well known within the practical world, with nearly all top shots having one time trained there. Including our very own Practical Editor, Cansh Pope.

Custom Beretta Jubilee Pair

Deputy gunroom manager Luke Davison, from the Beretta Gallery in London, joins to show us a recently delivered custom pair of Beretta Jubilees.

How Does Shooting Increase its Outreach? – EP6

We’re back with Nick Cross from Premier Guns to ask what could be done to introduce more people to shooting sports and increase the current outreach.

WHFTO Championships – Czech Republic 2018 – Day 2

Roger Lait hosts the final day of the 2018 World Hunter Field Target Organisation Championships. Will Team England make a comeback and take gold?

Czech 3 Gun Nation Trip June 2018

GTV attend the 3-Gun Nation trip run by the team at Kentucky Firearms Club. Featuring HK416s, MP5s, Glocks, and AK47s the 2 day match was quite an experiance.

Cryptocurrency Investment Pays for a Gun!

Daniel joins Gunroomtv in the shooting lodge, and takes us through his incredible collection of guns. A real variety, from a custom built De Lisle to a Desert Tech SRS-A1!

A Taste of What’s to Come…..

This is our promo video showing the types of shooting and events that we will be covering.  Our aim is to promote all UK shooting sports, all disciplines, all genres and all are welcome!