Frog.Pro Sniper Core

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Detailed Product review of @FROG.PRO_Italy advanced Sniper CORE modular body armour system.

Royal Marine Commando gives a thorough appraisal of Frog.pros latest release and puts its modularity through its paces.

Granular footage, combined with expansive narration hopefully provides prospective operators, global units and individual soldiers a detailed insight in to its awesomeness.

Tactical-Kit UK have very graciously provided a 10% discount code for up to 30 days post release of this video! Take advantage whilst you can! Code is embedded within the video.


0:00 Introduction
1:12 Sniper Core Sniper Video
5:42 Main Review
9:05 Chest Rig & Yoke
13:31 Ballistic Plate Carrier
18:08 Main Sniper Pouch
23:19 A3 Map Case
25:28 Go F%^K Yourself Placard
27:31 Multiple Configurations of the equipment
32:05 Summary


Sniper CORE
Operators belt
Chiron IFAK
CTB Pouchs

UK Distributor

AIM Drag Bag

Fey Blades

Lantac Raven AR15 Rifle.

Sniper Rifle MDT XRS.

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