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The Zoom ZH38 contains a crisp 19mm objective lens focusing the available thermal radiation. The field of view on this thermal monocular is 16 by 9 degrees. It features a 4 times digital zoom to enlarge your subject. The eye relief distance is measured at 20mm and the exit pupil diameter measures 5mm.

Behind the lens of the Zoom ZH38 you can find the uncooled, 12 micrometer 640 x 512 pixels core refreshing the image at 50Hz. The thermal contrast NETD of this thermal monocular is 25mK.

The physical dimensions of this thermal monocular read 190 x 65 x 60mm lwh weighing in at 580 grams. This device is rated IP67. It handles dust, shocks and water splashes. It’s rated for operating in temperatures between -20°C and 50°C.

The Zoom ZH38 can be used in scanning and surveillance, hunting adventures, police operations and search and rescue.

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