5 Incredible Gunmakers You Don’t Know About.

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Here are 5 awesome gunmakers you didn’t know existed!

Number 1 is A. A. Brown of England, beautifully made English Sidelock as well as a Custom Beretta option that is extremely attainable! https://www.aabrownandsons.com/

Number 2 is Johann Fanzoj from Austria. best quality Autrian shotguns and rifles, their series of single shots are the thing of dreams! https://fanzoj.com/

Number 3 is Armi Cortesi – some really unusual stuff, all of which is rather yummy – http://www.fucilicortesi.com/

Number 4 is Peter Hofer – a gunmaker with the mind of an artist and innovator. If you dont fall in love with at least one of his guns – you dont like guns! http://www.hoferwaffen.com/hofer_5.ph…

Number 5 is Piotti Guns, the makers of fine and beautiful curiosities in guns. http://www.piotti.com/?lang=en

We chucked a wildcard in there, purely because you should have heard of them – https://famars.com/


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