The Mythical Chargot (Best Game Shoots in Britain)

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Here we are at another shoot that easily makes it into our “Best In Britain” series. Chargot is a fantastic shooting arena set in the beautiful Exmoor countryside. Cast in steep wooded valleys, allowing for some of the most exciting shooting you will ever experience.

Chargot is perhaps the most well known high bird shoot in the country and it does not disappoint. There’s no doubt in my mind that Bettws Hall has made this shoot better and better. You can see the vast investment by Gwyn Evans is now coming to fruition. The birds are outstanding, the scenery is outstanding, the hospitality is brilliant.

The staff from Caleb Sutton to Dan Smith (the head keeper) and all the people behind the scenes are incredibly professional in what they do. Another sign of the commitment that the Bettws Hall group has, in providing the best sport available for individuals or teams of guns.

Please enjoy the film.

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