V-Max Varminting with the 17 Hornet CZ 527 Varmint bullet trace galore (rabbits, pigeons and crow)

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Out with my .17 Hornet for the last 2 evenings, stayed in to edit footage and reload some of my magic 25 grain recipe. Rabbits, pigeons and a crow are taken with this handy calibre.

Quite a few pests and vermin are shot in this video, they are all shot to protect land and resources. I shoot them from on the hill as it’s the most successful method I’ve found.

I moved on to the .17 Hornet from the .17 HMR for extra range and more consistent performance. Oh boy has it been an improvement on the HMR. I will always have a place in the cabinet for the HMR, but it will see less daylight now the Hornet is on the scene.

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