Long Range Rimfire Shooting episode 1 Equipment and Scope Mounting

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This is the first of 5 episodes in the Long Range Rimfire Shooting series that aims to teach you how to shoot vermin using rimfires out to extended ranges. The first episode begins with me sharing the equipment I’ll use and how to mount a scope. I tell you how Sportsmatch scope mounts can help your long range 22lr shooting and give you a way of mounting the scope precisely using a Wheeler Engineering levelling kit bubble.

Episode 2: Zeroing and Vertical Adjustment using iStrelok

Episode 3: Shooting in the Wind using iStrelok

Episode 4: .22 Long Rifle .22 lr versus .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire .17 HMR – A comparison of the two calibres

Episode 5: Long Range Vermin Shooting

You don’t need to use the same equipment I do, these are just what I use and they work well for me. This episode may be a little wasted on the more experienced shooter, it may be an idea to skip the scope mounting bit if you know how to do that well already.



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