Game Supper – An Introduction to Game – The PIG at Combe
Junior Shooter Oliver Hooper – PSS Interview
Ben Ducker – PSS Interview
St Clair’s – Driven Game
Conners from Magload – PSS Interview
Emma Ducker Starts Practical Shooting
Worth Forest Shoot – Driven Duck
UKPSA British Masters Championship
James Nixon UKPSA – PSS Interview
Wildcat Moderators
Practical Shooting Show
Vortex Diamondback Tactical First Impressions
Northern Shooting Show 2018
Holly Shoots Fitasc
Let’s Go To The Local Duck Shoot (Brandesburton)
UK Legal Colt 1911
Shield Shooting Centre – Mini Rifle Match
BSA Defiant …a slightly different conclusion to the rest. We also look at another Classic.
Custom Beretta Jubilee Pair
Worlaby’s Traditional Lincolnshire Partridge Shoot With a Crack at Some Bionic Duck
The Worlaby Shoot (TRAILER)
How to Hit S2 Episode 6: An on-report pair: Midi crosser and on-report driven standard.
How Does Shooting Increase its Outreach? – EP6
Premier Guns at the 2018 Game Fair – EP5
Brocock Commander – EP4
Beretta SL3 – EP3
MTC at the 2018 Game Fair – EP2
The Game Fair Highlights 2018 – EP1
Welsh Gem – Plas Dinam (Best Game Shoots in Britain)