Target Shooting Show

Oliver Hooper a Year Later

We interviewed Oliver at the show last year and it’s fantastic to see his passion for the sport has only increased! What has he been up to in the past year and what are Oliver’s plans for the future?

Staying Top of Your Game at Super Senior

United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) Chairman John Williamson discusses the problem of ageing in a dynamic sport such as practical shooting.   John with rest of Team Williamson PSG and Cansh Pope has also been working with Eley Hawk Ltd on the development of their practical cartridge. Find out what they think in this […]

Competing On the International Stage

Calibre Innovations team member and Trijicon, Inc. sponsored shooter Christian Barr talks with Cansh Pope on shooting abroad. How to train in the UK for International competitions and the best way to get shooting in countries like America for a British shooter.

Tippmann the next Mini Rifle of Choice?

Tippmann Arms UK bought in another great option for a mini rifle competition gun, with a number of top shooters moving over from proven platforms such as the S&W 15-22.   Barry Giddings talks with Cansh Pope about what Tippmann offers and what upgrades are now available to add your own personal touch.

The Godfather of Long Barrelled Pistol – Alan Westlake

When pistols were banned in 1996 it came down to some very smart thinking from Alan Westlake, modifying a Britarms .22 whilst still complying to UK law, giving birth to the long-barrelled pistol. Mr Westlake discusses this and more with presenter Cansh Pope, this is not one you want to miss! was created […]

Zoe Perkin – On the Road to the Olympics.

GB Rifle Talent Squad member and ELEY sponsored 10m air rifle shooter Zoe Perkin sits with Cansh Pope during The Target Shooting Show. How do you get started in 10m air rifle? How do you get sponsorship? All covered by Zoe! was created to promote shooting sports in the UK and covers all disciplines […]

Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association

Tony Cattermole from the Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association joins Cansh Pope on the stand during The Target Shooting Show.   Discussing what the HBSA does and talks about a small part of their collection of breechloading firearms.

The Target Shooting Show 2019 Highlights.

The Target Shooting Show 2019 saw the very best of target shooting descend once again on Stoneleigh Park. Offering a showcase of our sport with a variety of stands and live-fire experiences. was created to promote shooting sports in the UK and covers all disciplines from practical shotgun, gallery rifle and target rifle, right […]

John Walker MBE talks with Cansh, at the Target Shooting Show.

At the recent Target Shooting Show, Gunroomtv spoke with John Walker MBE, a two times gold medal winner, passionate shooter and archer. Talking with Cansh Pope Gunroomtv’s practical editor, John talks about how he got involved and his plans for the future.

Understanding Firearms Law with Laura Saunsbury

Consultant solicitor and firearms law expert Laura Saunsbury joins Cansh Pope on the stand during The Target Shooting Show. Discussing everything firearms law and Laura’s new book, Firearms Law Handbook.

Alex Florance Talks Historic Guns

Blue Fieldsports sponsored shooter Alex Florance talks about his passion for black powder and historic firearms while at the 2018 Practical Shooting Show.

Eley at the Practical Shooting Show

Faye Williamson joins Eley’s UK Sales Manager Martyn Buttery on their stand during the 2018 Practical Shooting Show to talk about Eley’s new range of practical ammunition.

Power of the Mind – Chris Mason

Chris Mason from talks to Practical Editor Cansh Pope at the 2018 Practical Shooting Show about the importance of mental preparation for competitive success.

Racknload at the 2018 Practical Shooting Show

Neil Wragg, founder of RACKNLOAD, joins Practical Editor Cansh Pope on our stand during the 2018 Practical Shooting Show.    

An Interview with Bluejacket Firearms

Paul from Bluejacket Firearms sits down with GTV Practical Editor Cansh Pope to talk about their new indoor training system and becoming the UK and European distributor for Ironclad gloves.

Ben Ducker – PSS Interview

Calibre Innovations sponsored shooter Ben Ducker joins the stand at the Practical Shooting Show 2018. Talking to GTV Practical Editor Cansh Pope about his shooting career so far, and plans for the future.

Conners from Magload – PSS Interview

GTV presenter and founder of practical shooting accessory manufacture Magload joins Cansh in the chair to tell us how Magload was started and what new products are on offer.

Emma Ducker Starts Practical Shooting

Emma Ducker has just started in her practical shooting career and sits down with GTV Practical Editor Cansh Pope to discuss her experience so far.