CZ 452 22lr Varminting | 200 yard headshot!

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/pointofimpacttv the more support I get, the more videos I will make and I will improve the quality. I will also do instructional videos on request from top tier patrons and I am open to doing paid promotion of products (I can’t guarantee I’ll like your product though). The rifle is a CZ 452, […]

CZ 452 22lr Rabbits Short Session.

Thanks very much to my Patreon supporters: Jason Selmes, Darrell Griffiths and Mark Taylor. To help me out and encourage me to produce more content, you can sign up to my Patreon for as little as $2 per video. See http://www.patreon.com/pointofimpacttv for details of benefits of being a Patron. Should have been a much better […]

Long Range Rimfire Rabbits | Ruger 10/22

Out with the 10/22 I finally got going. I had a duff crown and it caused major accuracy issues. Loving it now it’s fixed, rabbits out to 186 yards in this video! Big thanks to my Patreon patrons: Australian Hunting Podcast, Darrell and Mr Mark Taylor! Any support is appreciated, the guys now that YouTube […]

Preparations for Redemption and Last Season’s Blank

This time last year we culled 10 fallow, we tried again in Feb and everything went against us. We’re going on Friday to stalk Saturday and Sunday and hopefully make up for the bad luck last time.

Fallow Deer Far and Near | Tikka T3x 6.5×55

Out culling fallow deer on the hill in Perthshire in late October. Testing out the Pulsar Accolade and making a precision 550 yard shot using the ever-reliable Vortex Viper and Tikka T3x Varmint combo, with my Sierra Gameking home loads. It takes a long time to acquire the necessary skills and reliable data, on top […]

204 Ruger Foxing Yukon Photon RT 6×50

Went out with Elliott to deal with some foxes armed with the Howa 1500 Varmint GRS in .204 Ruger. The rifle is fitted with a Yukon Photon RT 6×50 with no added illumination. The load is a blisteringly fast 39 grain Sierra Blitzking at 3840 fps powered by 24.6 grains of Viht N130

CZ 22lr Rimfire Rabbits | Long Range

Combination of 2 sessions stretching the legs on the CZ .22 long rifles. You can see the bullet in flight on some of these shots which is pretty cool. Please subscribe to the channel and http://www.point-of-impact.net

Foxing with the Yukon Photon RT | CZ 527 17 Hornet

Out stinging foxes with the Yukon Photon on the 17 Hornet using Sellier and Bellot 20 grain V-Max. For more information on the Yukon product range, see http://www.scottcountry.co.uk

Yukon Photon Long Shots off Shooting Sticks | Howa 1500 .204 Ruger

Some rabbits shot at long range off shooting sticks with the Yukon Photon RT available from Scott Country   https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/night-vision/Night-Vision-Riflescopes/yukon-photon-rt-6×50-digital-night-vision-riflesco/

Introducing the Howa 1500 .204 Ruger | New Fox/Varmint Rifle

Here’s the latest addition of the family, varminting videos will follow. Subscribe to see more.

MRAD 6 Egg Challenge |17 Hornet in changing winds (harder than it looks)

So I had a go with the 17 Hornet and a combination of dodgy reloads (Hornady brass) and difficult to read conditions resulted in me missing all over the place after a successful first shot. I had a spotter, but it is hard to tell what is going on with a 17 cal rifle other […]

Cannae Pro Triplex Acies Bag

Just a brief overview of the rifle bag I’ve been using over the last few months, really an excellent piece of kit which is very well constructed. I will see how it goes over time before I give you a final review. Obviously longevity and resilience need to be looked at over time as our […]

17 Hornet 367 Yard Rabbit | How to

So here’s a video from a nice day out with my new 17 Hornet and my longest ever 17 Hornet rabbit with a perfect shot through the shoulder. The video begins with a few shots at a rock the size of a small rabbit and I explain the basic methods involved.

Tikka T3x 6.5×55 | 130 grain TMK Varminting | Heavy wind!

Out in heavy winds trying to knock over some pigeons to protect the crops and I need to decide if I want to keep the 6.5 or not, the recoil is a little heavy making it hard to spot my shots through the scope. What do you guys think?

17 HMR Thermal Bunnies and Foxes | Pulsar XP38 Trail & CZ 455

Some of the footage from last night, the rain never stopped, but the action was good. We had a technical error that cost us a missed fox and there was a lot of bunnies laid to rest, we didn’t always remember to press record, but we’ve got some for you. Big thanks to Scott Country […]

Pulsar XP38 Trail 22lr Bunnies

This scope is way too much for a 22lr, but it makes for an amazing asset riding on top of it. We harvested a lot of souls that night, didn’t always remember to record, but we got a few on film for you. For more information visit: https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/thermal-imaging/riflescopes/pulsar-trail-xp38-thermal-riflescope/

Tikka T3 .243 through the Side-Shot and Vortex Viper PST 400 yards

Testing the Side-Shot scope mount with my iPhone 7 plus at 400 yards on the Tikka .243 https://www.side-shot.com/

6 Eggs | 6 Shots | 300 Yards | Massive Failure

Attempted the egg challenge first proposed by MRAD Outdoors and later done by Vaughn Precision and The Social Regressive among others. I will revisit this, as I know I can do much better when there’s less sun glare and I’m in better health! I believe I could even get a few at 400 with good […]

Quiet Pest Control II | More from the BSA Ultra SE .22 and CZ 452 .22lr

Shots from 20-136 yards including some shooting from the vehicle with Tom on the trigger and me at the wheel and manning the camera at the same time. This is just a sample of what we shot today! Must’ve cleared at least 30 bunnies.

Varminting Apprentice

Out with Tom, showing him the ropes of varminting. He’s got experience with the .243 culling geese and is well versed on rifle safety and a great marksman. The 87 grain v-max is a lovely round for varminting with it’s good b.c. and amazing frangibility.

POI Gear Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30v

Article coming soon to http://www.point-of-impact.net Check out the Pulsar Quantum Lite via the link below https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/thermal-imaging/hand-held/pulsar-quantum-lite-xq30v/

Quiet Pest Control | CZ 452 22lr and BSA Ultra SE Air Rifle .22

Out quietly keeping on top of the rabbit population, not sure where all the bigger rabbits were today, but they all need to be shot to prevent damage and competition for grazing. Tom was on excellent form today and made some lovely shots. Please subscribe and check out some of our other videos.

Little Spring Bunnies Pulsar Quantum XQ30 | Thermal Night Vision

Just watching some spring bunnies through the Pulsar Quantum Thermal Spotter. It’s awesome. Distances out to about 200 yards, but most are inside 20-80 yards, they are very small. http://www.scottcountry.co.uk for more info

Kalibrgun Cricket Long Shots | 70, 86 and 106 yard pigeons!

Some excellent long shots at 70, 84 and 106 taken with the Kalibrgun Cricket FAC running at 32ftlbs. This gun was tuned by the Cricket master Sam at Cheshire Gun Room. If you would like one, 12ftlbs or FAC in any cal, contact http://www.cheshiregunroom.com http://www.point-of-impact.net

Pigeon Pandemonium | FAC Kalibrgun Cricket and BSA Ultra SE

Went for an afternoon on the ferals at a flour mill/food production place I look after the vermin control on. I had my sub 12 ftlbs BSA Ultra in .22 and Ian took his 32ftlbs FAC Kalibrgun I sold him some time ago. The Kalibrgun from Cheshire Gun Room is an awesome piece of kit, […]

Trajectory Validation Strelok Pro | Tikka T3 Varmint 6.5×55

Here is a video of me confirming my drop data in Strelok Pro using the trajectory calibration feature. A short article on how to do it http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/blogs/shooting/long-range-shooting/106-trajectory-validation-in-strelok-pro.html

Vlog 2 | The End of YouTube Gun Channels

Just my Thoughts Website: http://www.point-of-impact.net/ FB Page http://www.facebook.com/longrangerimfireshooting/ FB Discussion Groups http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/facebook-groups.html

POI Gear | ATN X-Sight II Field Test Review

Here’s the review video for the ATN X-Sight II night vision and day scope. For a detailed write up, check out http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/blogs/2015-02-12-17-20-43/optics-reviews/104-atn-x-sight-ii-field-test-review.html To buy your ATN X-Sight II, go to the Scott Country website. http://www.scottcountry.co.uk Don’t forget to subscribe for more product reviews, hunting and tutorials. The next review will be the Cannae Pro Gear Acies […]

6.5 Mid Range Plinking | Tikka T3 Varmint

Just a little bit of 320-410 yard plinking on some steel with some random loads. Can’t wait to see what it’s like when I’ve got my load sorted!

6.5 Tikka T3 Varmint 130 grain Sierra TMK Preliminary Expansion Test

Just a for fun test using bottles of river water to represent vermin, exploring the suitability of the TMK for this use.

New Gun! Tikka T3x Varmint 6.5×55 Swedish

Out for the first ever shots with my new Tikka T3x Varmint in 6.5×55 with a Wildcat Evolution moderator, Falcon Optics M18+ 4-18×44 and Harris bipod. I can see this being my favourite gun! Subscribe to the channel and join the website to keep up with its progress hunting deer and destroying varmints from LONG […]

290 Yard Magpie | Tikka T3 Varmint .223

Another short clip from Elliott, taken today on one of his local permissions. He’s out again with the Tikka T3 Varmint in 223 targeting crows and magpies.

Corvid Control

Here’s a short clip of Elliott on his local permission doing some corvid control. Unfortunately the battery had died in his wind meter so windage adjustments were based on estimates!

Wildcat Moderator Free Giveaway and Wildcat Evolution Calibre and Thread Conversion

To WIN a fantastic Wildcat moderator of your choice you must do the following: 1. LIKE the UK Custom Shop and Point of Impact pages 2. Subscribe to Point of Impact TV 3. Join the Wildcat Moderator Owners Group on Facebook 4. Share the competition post on Facebook 5. Comment which model, calibre and thread […]

CZ527 .22 Hornet | 146 Yard Rabbit

A short clip from today’s action in Yorkshire. Rabbit numbers are starting to pick up and it’s time to get the Hornets ready for prime rabbit season. Both the .17 Hornet owned by Jonny and the .22 Hornet owned by Elliott have now been topped with Falcon Menace M18 scopes. This is Elliott’s first chance […]

361 Yard Gong | Tikka T3 223

A very short clip uploaded by Elliott from this afternoon. Some plinking at a 361 yard gong using 53gr V-Max homeloads. Getting ready for some long-range vermin bashing!

POI Reloading Episode 3 Powder Charging and Bullet Seating

Here’s the last episode of the basics of reloading, to follow will be some videos on some more in depth aspects of reloading and load development. Subscribe to the website http://www.point-of-impact.net

Vlog 1 Updates, 500,000 views, 3000 subs, .204 Ruger, 6.5 Creedmoor and BSA Ultra Air Rifle

Just a bit of an update video for 2017 and an idea of what is to come for the channel. Please help me reach 3000 subs by subscribing! Check out the website: http://www.point-of-impact.net

Montana Varmint Hunting Winter Jackrabbits

Out in Montana again, chasing jackrabbits around the farm tracks and shooting them static and on the move with rimfiires from the truck. We used 22lr, 17 Mach II and 17 HMR over the fortnight and put a lot of bunnies down in the snow! This is a mere sample of the 150 or so […]

Quick Draw 1022 – Build Video Coming Soon

Ty has been working on a fast handling super light varmint eradicating 10/22 built on a Magnum Research action. Website http://www.point-of-impact.net

Montana Jack Rabbits Warm Up Night with the 17 Mach II

We went out last night on the jackrabbits and general spotlighting varmints and managed 8, two of which we got some shot trak footage. Plenty more to come, check out last year’s compilation if you like this sort of thing. We will be making a way superior video this year with more than just shot […]

Ruger 10/22 Project Episode 2: Mock Up Build

I’m currently in the USA with Ty and we have put together a mock up of what my build will be like when it’s done. Probably going to put a beefier optic on it with target turrets eventually when I get the components back to the UK and build it for real. I’m going to […]

POI Reloading Episode 2 Cleaning, Polishing and Priming

In this video, we show you how to take your sized and deprimed brass to a state where it’s ready to receive a powder charge and have the bullet seated. Powder charging and bullet seating are going to be the topic of the next video. Subscribe to see more and check out the website to […]

POI Reloading Episode 1 Sizing and Depriming

This is the first episode of a short series on how I reload accurate ammunition for my 17 Hornet, I use the same method to reload for my other rifles. Check out the website for my original reloading video and article on reloading for beginners if you’d like. http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/blogs/poi-reloading-room/70-starting-out-my-reloading-journey.html  

Tikka T3 Long Range Varminting Compilation .223 and .243

Here’s a compilation of me and Elliott from TriggerPullTV controlling pests at long range with our Tikka T3s in .223 and .243. Subscribe to see much more of the same next year and check out the other compilation videos. Sign up to http://www.point-of-impact.net!

CZ 22lr and 17 HMR Long Range Rimfire Rabbit Shooting

Here’s a compilation of the .22lr and 17 HMR footage with some really cracking shots! The best shots are two back to back 184 yard 22lr shots and a 221 yard 17 HMR headshot!

Ruger 10/22 Project Episode 1: First Impressions

So today I took out the Ruger 10/22 for it’s first session, I shot it scoped and open sighted and had a lot of fun. Although I couldn’t get the windage dialled in (ran out of adjustment on the scope), I managed to have a play and shoot some groups with a few varieties of […]

17 Hornet Varminting Compilation. Sting ’em!

17 Hornet Article http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/blogs/arms/center-fire/97-sting-them-with-the-17-hornet-3.html This video is just a compilation of 17 Hornet hunting clips from this year. I cannot wait to use the 17 Hornet some more next year when the rabbits get out of control again! Please subscribe to the channel for more.

Slow Cooked Venison Pie

Here’s a venison pie I made the other day, you could easily replace the venison with beef or rabbit or any other kind of meat. Subscribe to Jonny’s Cooking Made Simple for non game recipes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRg7sFKVi_YfGdTNIKSXJKA Full recipe available on the POI website soon http://www.point-of-impact.net

Venison/Game Bolognese

This is the first episode of ‘Cooking Made Simple’ this will be hosted on a second channel where I will post cooking videos and will only post little clips on here about what I’m doing. I’ll be cooking things I’ve hunted and meat I’ve sourced elsewhere as well as deserts and all kinds of food […]

Sussex Doe Double – Evening Roe Deer Stalking

Declan and Loz take a nice pair of roe does on the second day of the season in Sussex, UK. Subscribe to the channel and the website to see much more, article and venison cooking videos to come! http://www.point-of-impact.net

CZ 527 17 Hornet Ballstics Hornady V-Max Superb Expansion

17 Hornet Article http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/blogs/arms/center-fire/97-sting-them-with-the-17-hornet-3.html Out plinking with Elliott from TriggerPullTV the other day and was astonished at how well the 17 Hornet expands! Dumps its energy so rapidly in to a coke can that it doesn’t exit! Just blows out the front! For more plinking, check out Elliott’s channel https://www.youtube.com/user/elliottg123

I Hate Fish-tailing Winds and Twitchy Bunnies

Today the winds were light and low value, but they were changing all the time and making it very difficult to read. These misses are unbelievably close! Should have accounted for some corvids today for sure!

On Corvid Overwatch – 436 yard magpie!

Out on a new permission giving the corvids a hard time with the .243. The location is a steep sided valley that is around 1200 yards across. The only downside is that there are houses at the top of the other side which means I have to restrict my shots to under 600 yards, giving […]

543 YARD HEADSHOT! .243 bunny 87 grain vmax

My furthest shot ever with the .243. I thought it deserved it’s own video, not just being featured in the last 243 varminting video! I neglected to do the slow motion on that too before. Enjoy! On later examination from the footage, I took this bunny with a headshot. I would have collected the carcass […]

500 yard bunnys! Steel and Varmints Tikka T3 Lite .243 Win

After an afternoon of filming a review, I took the .243 out for a bit. I rang my little 3/4 sized rabbit target for a bit and then set up on some rabbits at ranges from 470-550 yards. I struggled to get readings on some of them with the flat ground they were on and […]

POI Gear Episode 1 Calibre Innovations Rimfire Moderators

Calibre Innovations is company that does all sorts of products and services for the UK shooting community and they make some fantastic moderators. I have yet to test their centerfire line the Ducis range, but the ARMOUR range of rimfire moderators are the best I have experienced. Awesome sound suppression and a well constructed built-to-last […]

530 Yard Steel Smacking

Just having a play at 530 yards on a blustery day with the 223 and 243 with Trigger Pull TV’s Elliott Grimshaw Target is a steel rabbit about 9″ tall and 8″ wide

Pigeons, Crows and Geese Varminting and Pest Control: Tikka T3 Varmint 223 and Tikka T3 Lite 243

Out with Trigger Pull TVs Elliott Grimshaw taking down some avian pests for a farmer over wheat stubble with Tikka T3s and home loaded ammunition, 53 grain vmax in the 223 and 87 grain vmax in the 243. This farm has a problem with corvids pigeons and geese. These are all damaging the crops and […]

Rimfire Rabbits 22lr 118 yard HEAD SHOT! CZ 452

Out shooting a few rabbits with the humble 22, the rabbit numbers are starting to dwindle somewhat but I found some to shoot on film for you guys. Subscribe to see more!

17 Hornet Varminting 357 yard bunny in wind! CZ 527 Varmint!

Out again with the CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet, windy again, but a bit more consistently windy. This is my furthest shot to date with the Hornet, what an awesome little calibre!!! Sign up to the website http://www.point-of-impact.net

Pigeon Shooting – Introducing Dec and Loz

A day’s pigeon shooting over the beautiful lands of Sussex. Introducing fellow POI admin Declan Mouland and friend Lawrence Hill. 81 birds shot and 65 picked, over rape and wheat stubble. A great day out and a happy farmer. Hits and misses included, we are only human after all! Hope you enjoy the footage.

CZ 527 17 Hornet Varminting, Variable Winds, Good Hits and Good Misses!

Out in wind conditions that were constantly changing, had a good time, a lot of misses and a couple of good hits. Definitely a day for the .243 I think! Subscribe and sign up to the website http://www.point-of-impact.net

Varminting 404 yard .243 Win Rabbit + Equipment, tips and a bit about the amazing Wildcat Evolution!

Went out on a midge ridden evening to see if I could get some nice varminting footage and took a long range rabbit. I then give some details of the shot and my equipment including the Wildcat Evolution sound moderator. http://www.wildcatrifles.co.uk Sign up to the website! http://www.point-of-impact.net

Luckiest Crow Ever! Epic 400 yard 243 miss footage! Tikka T3 Lite .243 Win

Out Varminting with the .243 and narrowly miss a crow at 400 yards! I love shooting crows more than most vermin species, it’s even better at extended range, but it’s unbelievably frustrating to come so close and not connect at 400 yards!

I Blame The Wind! Rabbit Shooting, Yorkshire, UK CZ 527 Varmint 17 Hornet & Tikka T3 Varmint 223

Out and about around some spots in Yorkshire with Elliott from Trigger Pull TV. Here’s a few of the shots we took, we had a torrid time with variable winds. Sign up to the website http://www.point-of-impact.net

V-Max Varminting with the 17 Hornet CZ 527 Varmint bullet trace galore (rabbits, pigeons and crow)

Out with my .17 Hornet for the last 2 evenings, stayed in to edit footage and reload some of my magic 25 grain recipe. Rabbits, pigeons and a crow are taken with this handy calibre. Quite a few pests and vermin are shot in this video, they are all shot to protect land and resources. […]

CZ 527 .17 Hornet 352 yard bunny shot with bullet trace!

My longest shot so far with the 17 Hornet now I have developed an awesome 25 gr V-max load doing 3260fps and shooting 1 hole groups at 120 yards! Sign up to the website! http://www.point-of-impact.net

CZ 452 22lr and CZ 527 22 Hornet Precision Pest Control

Just a few shots from an afternoon of static hunting on some rabbits and wood pigeons using the CZ rifles. Sign up for more http://www.point-of-impact.net

.22 lr and .17 HMR Rimfire Rabbits: 185 yard .22 lr Rabbits x2 !

After a full day of shooting we went out with the rimfires to clear some rabbits for a landowner of mine in North Yorkshire. We had a lot of misses by our normal standards, but there were some cracking shots taken off sticks and Elliott smashes 2 bunnies back-to-back at 185 yards! Subscribe and sign […]

Varminting with Trigger Pull TV: Tikka T3 Varmint .223 and Tikka T3 Lite .243

Out for a Saturday varminting session with Elliott from Trigger Pull TV, we later did some long range target shooting and rimfire rabbit control (coming soon). Be sure to subscribe to the channel and sign up to the website http://www.point-of-impact.net. You can also find details of the Facebook groups on there.

Varminting Gopher Slayin’ Varmageddon (Graphic) Savage 93r17 BTV in .17 HMR

Here’s a snapshot of the carnage that ensued on my recent varmint hunting trip in Montana. Myself and POI admin Ty Wilson went to war with the gophers and slayed them by the hundred with help from Evan Gouchenour, Aaron Groce and Travis Denney.

Gopher Slayin Teaser Trailer (GRAPHIC) Savage 93r17 BTV

I have so much footage from my Montana visit, it’s taking some time to edit, so here’s a taste of what’s to come!

Plinking with Trigger Pull TV’s Elliott Grimshaw

A bit of plinking with TriggerPullTV’s Elliott Grimshaw. I was using my Tikka T3 Lite in .243 with Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 4-16×50, Harris bipod and the fantastic Wildcat Evolution sound moderator. Elliott was using his Tikka T3 Varmint in .223, topped with a Vortex Viper PST. I couldn’t hit the Firebirds for love nor […]

Reloading for Beginners Using a Lee 50th Anniversary Kit (by a beginner)

This is my video on basic reloading, I’m gonna show you how to make reasonably accurate hunting bullets for the .243 Winchester. It is important to note that you must use a manual and work out your powder charges yourself. Point of Impact TV takes no responsibility for your reloading, this video is to outline […]

Long Range Sub 12ftlbs Air Rifle Bunny!

Shot at 69 yards using AA Field 16 gr pellets, 5 mil elevation and 3/4 mil windage from a 40 yard zero using my Tench Reg’d BSA Scorpion T10 running at 11.6ftlbs. Subscribe to see more like this!

Ian’s 71 Yard Air Rifle Bunny

Nice shot by my buddy Ian off sticks at 71 Yards using the Cheshire Gun Room Kalibrgun Cricket. This was the last bunny of the evening, we lost the light shortly after. http://www.point-of-impact.net

Montana Jackrabbit Hunting

I’m going to attempt to explain to you how exhilirating chasing jackrabbits and other varmints in a 4×4 truck is in the snow, I’ll start by saying it’s probably the next closest thing to helicopter hog hunting, for those of us on a more modest budget. All that you need to take part is some […]

Competition draws, POI website updates, ranting and new competition launch

https://www.facebook.com/VortexOpticsUk/?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/mkmachining/?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/calibreinnovations/?fref=ts http://www.point-of-impact.net/index.php/home.html

Misconceptions 1: 17 HMR Moderators/Suppressors

Here I shoot my HMR with a fancy 17 cal specific Wildcat Evolution (centerfire mod), a cheap Edgar Brothers Sirocco and a premium quality Calibre Innovations A.R.M.O.U.R MKI None of them make it quiet, the Wildcat Evo is clearly better than the other two and the Calibre Innovations offering does a better job than the […]

Point of Impact Nitesite Review (Contains scenes of hunting)

Cheshire Gun Room arranged for me to borrow a Nitesite Eagle to test and evaluate in the field. I’ve used it on rats, rabbits in the UK and jackrabbits in the USA. This product does everything it says on the tin and will turn any day scope in to a night scope. Check out Cheshire […]

Bunny Down!

Excellent team effort; Ty on the 93r17, Aaron on the lamp and Jonny taking the reins on the truck! Check out the POI and LRRS groups and our new emagazine http://www.point-of-impact.net

Run rabbit, run rabbit! ATN Shot Trak camera test

Out spot lighting in Montana with the rimfires trying out the ATN Shot Trak camera. Subscribe and follow along! Check out the new eMagazine! http://www.point-of-impact.net

Long Range Rimfire Shooting Episode 2: How to make a 221 yard .17 HMR Headshot

This is the second in the video series which covers using iStrelok for adjusting for drop and wind. In this video rabbits are taken as far as 221 yards with my .17 HMR Link to the rimfire group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial Link to eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/jonny0809 With thanks to Calibre Innovations, Cheshire Gun Room and Edgar Brothers.

Cheshire Gun Room Workshop Visit + CZ 452 22lr Barrel Chop + Results

A couple of months ago now I took the bold step of cutting down my CZ 452 to 12.5″ and it is better than ever now! Big thanks to Cheshire Gun Room. For your chance to win a Point of Impact T-Shirt, visit the Cheshire Gun Room Facebook page, give them a like and subscribe […]

What the FAC???

This is an off the cuff video about how to get an FAC. Any other information you need, check out your local police force’s website under firearms licensing. Thanks for watching!

Nitesite Hunting Review with the CZ 455 .17 HMR

Cheshire Gun Room lent me a NiteSite Eagle to test and review for you guys, big thanks to them. The hunting image through the NiteSite is much better than the output from the DVR I recorded on. There will be a written review of the NiteSite Eagle coming soon in the Point of Impact e-magazine. […]

Long Range Rimfire Shooting episode 1 Equipment and Scope Mounting

This is the first of 5 episodes in the Long Range Rimfire Shooting series that aims to teach you how to shoot vermin using rimfires out to extended ranges. The first episode begins with me sharing the equipment I’ll use and how to mount a scope. I tell you how Sportsmatch scope mounts can help […]

CLA Game Fair 2015 with Point of Impact TV

Went to the CLA Gamefair at Harewood house in Leeds on Sunday. In this video you will see: – 4 bore blackpowder shooting – Amateur archery – Interview with John Farrugia – Thoughts on the FX Wildcat and Daystate Pulsar http://www.cheshiregunroom.com

Kalibrgun 32ftlbs pellet in flight

Here’s a close miss from earlier with the Kalibrgun, not the guns fault. The slight breeze made for a miss at 80 yards, I should have adjusted. If you want a Kalibrgun, check out http://www.cheshiregunroom.com

An Ill-omened Coyote Hunt

Went for my first ever coyote hunt this may under the expert instruction of Ty Wilson. It was a great experience despite the fact we didn’t get a coyote. We did get a coyote and a black bear to come in to the faun distress call on the Primos caller, which was very exciting. Better […]

Gopher Carnage Across the Pond! (graphic)

So after a month back in the UK, I have got around to editing the gopher hunting footage we took in Montana. Myself (Jonny Ellsmore), Ty Wilson and Enriuque LaRoche from the Point of Impact team had a great time along with camera man and LRRS group member Aaron Groce. The first day was hard-going […]

70 yard Kalibrgun Rabbit Scope Cam

Rabbit feeling the venom of my Cheshire Gun Room .22 15-35ftlbs Kalibrgun Cricket with a JSB 18gn pellet to the head. The gun is set on 30ftlbs, magnification is 10x on the Hawke Sidewinder 6-24×56 scope. Filmed on 240fps hi-speed using the Casio Exilim ZR 1000 and the eaglevisioncam.com mount. http://www.cheshiregunroom.com

Letting rip with the 41 mag (Bear defense practice)

Getting to grips with the .41 magnum. Please like the video and subscribe to see more of my Montana adventure…

Rabbit Hunt 6 and gadgets (graphic)

I’m out with the Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile Arc 10×42 rangefinding binos from Edgar Bros and the Eagle Vision Cam scope camera mount. Unfortunately I forgot the memory card for the scope camera and had only enough memory for one clip. There’s some fast fire shooing in the vid with 3 headshots in seconds.

Slow-mo Melon, Guess the Calibre (Info in description)

Leave the calibre in the comments below, the distance was 50 yards. The breeze block/cinder block broke in half! Join the LRRS groups, links in pinned post of the page: https://www.facebook.com/longrangerimfireshooting

Kalibrgun Review

PLEASE READ TO BOTTOM….. This is a review of the Kalibrgun Cricket, it’s a natural and unscripted evaluation from me. There’s a few bits I missed but the most important features/points are mentioned or added as a caption. If you are interested in purchasing your own Kalibrgun, here’s the links for the Cheshire Gun Room […]

.17 HMR 65 yard cranial shot through the scope cam in slow motion.

Only the brave venture past this point. The purpose of this video is to educate new shooters about how hard the 17HMR hits. This is a 65 yard shot.

Who Turned Out the Lights? NV1

A bit of night vision footage from the other night. Footage is a little grainy due to the mist. Join the groups and like the page. You can follow us on Twitter @LRRS_Shooting Facebook page for competitions and updates: Rimfire group: https://www.facebook.com/longrangerimfireshooting Shotgun group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/598119896987410 Air rifle group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654058074714949 Centrefire group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225261444326783  

FAC Kalibrgun Scopecam Rabbit Shooting

A couple of rabbits taken with the Cheshire Gun Room 15-35ftlbs power adjustable Kalibrgun Cricket. Join in the discussions in the groups… Shooters from air rifle to centrefire are warmly welcomed to the LRRS collection of groups. Here you will find lots of new content all of the time. You can share the experience of […]

LRRS 2015 Channel Promo

This is going to give you a taste of what’s to come on YouTube folks, 2015 is going to be a big year for LRRS Information about the channel and our groups can be found by following the link: https://www.facebook.com/longrangerimfireshooting

Rabbit Hunting 4

Still finding my feet with the new scope cam. Hope you enjoy the video. Join the groups and like the page. You can follow us on Twitter @LRRS_Shooting Facebook page for competitions and updates: Rimfire group: https://www.facebook.com/longrangerimfireshooting Shotgun group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/598119896987410 Air rifle group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654058074714949 Centrefire group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225261444326783

Rabbit Hunting 3 + Information about my scope cam and rifle.

Still finding my feet with the new scope cam. Hope you enjoy the video. Join the groups and like the page. You can follow us on Twitter @LRRS_Shooting Facebook page for competitions and updates: Rimfire group: https://www.facebook.com/longrangerimfireshooting Shotgun group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/598119896987410 Air rifle group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654058074714949 Centrefire group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225261444326783

Zeroing the CZ455 and some cool scope cam slow motion destruction

So zeroing with a scope cam attached is not easy, as you’ll see. It’s in the experimental phase at the moment. Skip to 4 minutes in to get to the slow motion destruction. Some of the really slow motion is a little grainy, 1000fps needs a lot of light to work well. Join the groups […]

Huggett Moderator/Suppressor Test

I bought a Huggett Magna air rifle silencer to see how well it tames the 17HMR round. I had Andrew Huggett make me a custom .17 specific end cap. Here is the result, it’s hard to tell the difference with the sonic crack being the main sound, but I’ll leave it up to you to […]

BH Targets Suppressed Rimfire Plinking High Wind

In this short video, I show you the BH Targets Double Target Stand works great for rimfires too. Had I a little more time and less wind, I would have stretched the range out a little further. I shot it with my suppressed 22lr and my .17 HMR. BH Targets https://www.facebook.com/bhtargets Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/ Facebook page […]

BH Targets Double Target Stand .243 Winchester Test

With the help one of our regular members, Luke Dane, we put the BH AR500 steel double gong target through its paces shooting at ranges from 200 to 450 yards with a Wetherby Vanguard II and a Tikka T3 using a range of bullets including 58, 85 and 100gn loads. Find BH Targets on Facebook […]

Fragmentation recovered from ballistic soap

After melting down and sieving the ballistic soap I used on a 17hmr and 22lr comparison video I did, this was what I recovered.

BH Minijacks, my new favourite plinking target!!!

BH Targets https://www.facebook.com/bhtargets?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

Boyd’s Stock Review

My new Boyd’s stock arrived 28th of November, thought I’d tell you a little bit about it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/ http://www.boydsgunstocks.com/

22lr vs. 17HMR Episode 1: Terminal Ballistics

This video is detailed comparison of the terminal performance of two popular vermin/varmint rimfire cartridges, the 17HMR and the 22lr. Please join the Facebook group using the link below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

CZ vs Remington

So a fella on my Facebook group Long Range Rimfire Shooting (official) said that Remington’s benchmark for 22lr accuracy was an inch at 25 yards. I replied to the guy, I could stack them at 25 yards. I said I’d do it on camera, so here’s a rushed 25 yard group aiming at a black […]

Rabbit hunt 2 with the CZ 452 22lr including a 117 yard headshot 02/11/14

A few more bunnies taken with the CZ 452 including one at extended range. GRAPHIC CONTENT, DO NOT VIEW IF HUNTING ISN’T YOUR THING! https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

Rabbit Hunting 1 with the CZ 452 22lr 01/11/14

Rabbit hunt on a nice Autumn day in North Yorkshire, UK WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT! Please join the Facebook group and subscribe to the channel. https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/ Thanks for watching!

Scope mounting, alignment and zeroing part 1

This video is designed to help beginners on scope mounting and alignment. The next video is on the method I use to zero the scope ready for action. Old timers may pick up some tricks from this video too with any luck. Thanks for watching. https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

What scope height is and how to measure it

This is for people who use ballistic calculators like chairgun, iStrelok and the like. You need to know what scope height is and how to measure it. I’ve seen it done other ways, but this is the logical way for me. Please subscribe, like and join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

Making a homemade iScope

Someone requested I make a video on how I made my homemade iScope, here it is. Please don’t forget to subscribe and join the Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

CZ Rimfire modifications: Sear pin shim insertion to eliminate creep

My CZ452 in .22lr seen in other videos has hardly any creep whatsoever. The CZ455 .17HMR I own had some creep in the trigger, I inserted a shim making the creep worse as you’ll see at the end of the video. I then swapped it for the other shim (off camera) resulting in a lovely […]

CZ Rimfire modifications: Trigger issues

The biro spring did work initially when first installed in my CZ, but after changing things around for the last video it stopped passing the ‘bump test’ Please subscribe to the channel and join the Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

Air rifle hunting long range with the sub 12ftlbs BSA Scorpion T10

A little bit of homemade iScope footage taken in Spring 2014 on a permission in North Yorkshire. https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/

CZ Rimfire modifications: Barrel floating and trigger spring replacement

This is a video from the admin of Long Range Rimfire Shooting (official) on how to improve your CZ rimfire. Please join the group for weekly articles and videos https://www.facebook.com/groups/longrangerimfireshootingofficial/