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What the CPSA can do for you

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association is the national governing body for clay target shooting in England. Based at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, Woking, Surrey, it operates from a small headquarters and employ 12 people directly and work alongside several industry specialist consultants.The remit of the CPSA is to manage the sport of clay target […]

CPSA guide to shooting success with Abbey Burton

Clayshooting coaching tips from Commonwealth Games Olympic Trap silver medallist Abbey Burton. Learn to shoot straighter with Abbey. The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association is the national governing body for clay target shooting in England.

How to get into Shooting: George Digweed, Peter Wilson, Abbey Burton and Stevan Walton

Some of the top stars in the world of clayshooting explain how they started in a series of inspiring stories for anyone – and we mean anyone – who wants to take up clay shooting. The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association is the national governing body for clay target shooting in England.

CPSA guide to shooting success with George Digweed

Top tips on clayshooting with multiple world champion George Digweed, brought to you by the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association. The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association is the national governing body for clay target shooting in England.

We are the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

We are IPSC! The biggest and most respected practical shooting organization in the world. IPSC recognizes all the shooting disciplines – Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Action Air. IPSC shooters need to blend accuracy, power, and speed into a winning combination. Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, or even partially covered […]

2012 IPSC Russian Nationals.

Russian Nationals 2012 Directed & Edit by Sergey Antropov Supervisor: Stanislav Novoselov Cameramen: Konstantin Zhmaev, Sergey Antropov, Pavel Inzhelevskiy Design by Pavel Evgrafov Digital artists: Maxim Tsimbalist Voice over: Emil Akopov Music by «De Wolfe Production Music Library» Сomposers: Anthony Hobson, Clement Delibes, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Franz von Suppé, Gioachino Rossini, Hermann Langschwert, Johann II Strauss, […]

2013 Far East Asia Handgun Championship.

Video of the first IPSC Far East Asia Handgun Championship Level IV – Location: Pattaya, Thailand. Official Website:

2013 IPSC European Handgun Championship

IPSC European Handgun Championship 2013 / Barcelos, Portugal / 5 – 14 September 2013 Credits: Stanislav Novoselov (

CZ Rimfire modifications: Barrel floating and trigger spring replacement

This is a video from the admin of Long Range Rimfire Shooting (official) on how to improve your CZ rimfire. Please join the group for weekly articles and videos

Air rifle hunting long range with the sub 12ftlbs BSA Scorpion T10

A little bit of homemade iScope footage taken in Spring 2014 on a permission in North Yorkshire.

CZ Rimfire modifications: Trigger issues

The biro spring did work initially when first installed in my CZ, but after changing things around for the last video it stopped passing the ‘bump test’ Please subscribe to the channel and join the Facebook group!

CZ Rimfire modifications: Sear pin shim insertion to eliminate creep

My CZ452 in .22lr seen in other videos has hardly any creep whatsoever. The CZ455 .17HMR I own had some creep in the trigger, I inserted a shim making the creep worse as you’ll see at the end of the video. I then swapped it for the other shim (off camera) resulting in a lovely […]

Making a homemade iScope

Someone requested I make a video on how I made my homemade iScope, here it is. Please don’t forget to subscribe and join the Facebook group.

What scope height is and how to measure it

This is for people who use ballistic calculators like chairgun, iStrelok and the like. You need to know what scope height is and how to measure it. I’ve seen it done other ways, but this is the logical way for me. Please subscribe, like and join our Facebook page

Scope mounting, alignment and zeroing part 1

This video is designed to help beginners on scope mounting and alignment. The next video is on the method I use to zero the scope ready for action. Old timers may pick up some tricks from this video too with any luck. Thanks for watching.

Rabbit Hunting 1 with the CZ 452 22lr 01/11/14

Rabbit hunt on a nice Autumn day in North Yorkshire, UK WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT! Please join the Facebook group and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching!

Rabbit hunt 2 with the CZ 452 22lr including a 117 yard headshot 02/11/14

A few more bunnies taken with the CZ 452 including one at extended range. GRAPHIC CONTENT, DO NOT VIEW IF HUNTING ISN’T YOUR THING!

CZ vs Remington

So a fella on my Facebook group Long Range Rimfire Shooting (official) said that Remington’s benchmark for 22lr accuracy was an inch at 25 yards. I replied to the guy, I could stack them at 25 yards. I said I’d do it on camera, so here’s a rushed 25 yard group aiming at a black […]

22lr vs. 17HMR Episode 1: Terminal Ballistics

This video is detailed comparison of the terminal performance of two popular vermin/varmint rimfire cartridges, the 17HMR and the 22lr. Please join the Facebook group using the link below:

Boyd’s Stock Review

My new Boyd’s stock arrived 28th of November, thought I’d tell you a little bit about it.


A ‘RACKNLOAD’ review of the Hunter Carbine version of the all-conquering TX200. One look at the Air Arms TX200 HC reveals a compact, purposeful rifle that retains the streamlined good looks of the TX200 and represents quality of the highest level. Everything that makes the TX200 the best in its class is contained in the […]

BH Minijacks, my new favourite plinking target!!!

BH Targets

Fragmentation recovered from ballistic soap

After melting down and sieving the ballistic soap I used on a 17hmr and 22lr comparison video I did, this was what I recovered.

Hatsan MPA 9+1 Magazine Upgrade by RACKNLOAD

9 round magazine installation step by step and a damn good clean of the Hatsan MP-A semi-auto shotgun, Join us on Facebook- DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube […]

Hammerli S26 CO2 .177 (PELLET) **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A full ‘Racknload’ review of a pretty good budget C02 pistol…..the Hammerli S26 in .177……Plinking good fun! DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held liable […]

Yukon Photon XT Night Vision **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review/overview of the Yukon Photon XT night vision rifle scope The Yukon Photon XT Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope is a new hybrid technology, unique to Yukon Advanced Optics. A technologically advance digital night vision module is fused with a traditional riflescope body, to produce a night vision scope that has characteristics similar […]


A Racknload review of the famous Webley Mark VI revolver (CO2 BB replica) DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held liable for any injury or […]

BH Targets Double Target Stand .243 Winchester Test

With the help one of our regular members, Luke Dane, we put the BH AR500 steel double gong target through its paces shooting at ranges from 200 to 450 yards with a Wetherby Vanguard II and a Tikka T3 using a range of bullets including 58, 85 and 100gn loads. Find BH Targets on Facebook […]

Leatherman Pump Shotgunner’s Multitool by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the Leatherman Pump. The Pump is a shotgun-specific, multi-purpose pocket tool that can take care of any need at the gun club, skeet shooting, or hunting. Made of 100% heat-treated stainless steel, this lightweight, everyday carry tool will keep you running with four bit options, a scope adjustment tool, and a […]

BSA Century .22lr (Range Time) by RACKNLOAD

Range time with the BSA Century. A bit of history for you….. Whilst initially advertised as a “Match” target rifle, when introduced in 1955, the BSA Century never entirely lived up to that description. Make no mistake, these are fine, pretty and sturdy little rifles. Many were used by schools, in the latter half of […]


A Racknload review of the CZ P-09 pellet and BB firing Co2 pistol from ASG. The CZ P-09 is a full-size tactical pistol with an integrated rail for mounting light and/or laser. Manufactured under license from CZ this airgun is designed from the original specs resulting in a realistic look and handling. Its blowback function […]

Remington & Caldwell rifle rests by RACKNLOAD

A review/comparison of the Remmington shot saver rifle rest and Calwell’s. Available here- DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held liable for any injury […]

Weihrauch HW100K / Hawke Airmax 30 SF **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the legendary Weihrauch HW100K. Model Weihrauch HW100K Action Pre-charged pneumatic multi-shot carbine Stock Oiled Walnut Thumbhole Sights None, dovetail fitted for scope. Weight 7.5lbs Overall Length 38.5 inches Barrel Length 12 inches (19.5” with moderator) Sights No open sights. Action grooved for scope mounts Trigger Two stage, adjustable Safety Manual Magazine […]

Steel Plates & Firebirds (Range Time) by RACKNLOAD

Range time shooting .303 Lee Enfield, CZ 452 .22lr, Remington 700 .308. Someone killed my .22lr rated steel gong with a 22-250 LOL! Join us on Facebook!- DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR […]

BH Targets Suppressed Rimfire Plinking High Wind

In this short video, I show you the BH Targets Double Target Stand works great for rimfires too. Had I a little more time and less wind, I would have stretched the range out a little further. I shot it with my suppressed 22lr and my .17 HMR. BH Targets Facebook group Facebook page […]

DIY Kydex Shell Caddy’s **CHEAP** by RACKNLOAD

Shell Caddies on the cheap! All I say is have a go! If I can make one then anyone can, you could make a belt full of these caddies for less than £50! Join us on Facebook!- DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any […]

Gamo Coyote (Range Time) by RACKNLOAD

Pre review testing of the Gamo Coyote PCP, riding on top is the huge Nikko Stirling 3-12 x 62 4 Dot. Silencer is a Q-Tec by Air Arms. DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR […]

Lyman Trigger Gauge **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge The fastest, most accurate, most advanced trigger weight gauge State of the art strain gauge technology allows for accuracy to 1/10 ounce over a working range of 0 to 12 pounds. The Digital Trigger Pull Gauge is equipped with a large, easy to read LCD display and is push button […]


A Racknload review. The Coyote is the first PCP from the Spanish giant Gamo. This multi-shot, bolt action rifle has a 10 shot magazine, an integral pressure gauge and features a version of the Gamo SAT® adjustable two stage trigger. The barrel is screw cut for a ½” UNF silencer and it’s all packaged in […]

Huggett Moderator/Suppressor Test

I bought a Huggett Magna air rifle silencer to see how well it tames the 17HMR round. I had Andrew Huggett make me a custom .17 specific end cap. Here is the result, it’s hard to tell the difference with the sonic crack being the main sound, but I’ll leave it up to you to […]

Schmidt & Bender (UK Shooting show 2015) by RACKNLOAD

The Rolls Royce of shooting optics, Schmidt & Bender booth review at the British shooting show 2015 DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held liable […]

BSA Scorpion SE **Full Review** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the BSA Scorpion PCP rifle, yet another great gun from BSA, pretty much a full length version of the Ultra, check out that review here- Join us on Facebook! DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in […]


A Racknload review of the new BSA Gold Star SE..THE FIRST REVIEW OF THIS GUN ON YOUTUBE!!!! Forgot to mention the safety catch is manual, the same as the Ultra, Scorpion etc. For decades the name Gold Star has been associated with the pinnacle of BSA motorcycles and Air Rifles, and here we are announcing […]

GSG MP5 SD .22 lr (RANGE TIME) Catton Park by RACKNLOAD

Short video of us shooting at Catton Park Rifle Club, hoped to do more but the weather got bad. Was shooting the GSG MP5 SD .22lr and a CZ 452 Silhouette. DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is […]

Zeroing the CZ455 and some cool scope cam slow motion destruction

So zeroing with a scope cam attached is not easy, as you’ll see. It’s in the experimental phase at the moment. Skip to 4 minutes in to get to the slow motion destruction. Some of the really slow motion is a little grainy, 1000fps needs a lot of light to work well. Join the groups […]

Rabbit Hunting 3 + Information about my scope cam and rifle.

Still finding my feet with the new scope cam. Hope you enjoy the video. Join the groups and like the page. You can follow us on Twitter @LRRS_Shooting Facebook page for competitions and updates: Rimfire group: Shotgun group: Air rifle group: Centrefire group:

Rabbit Hunting 4

Still finding my feet with the new scope cam. Hope you enjoy the video. Join the groups and like the page. You can follow us on Twitter @LRRS_Shooting Facebook page for competitions and updates: Rimfire group: Shotgun group: Air rifle group: Centrefire group:

LRRS 2015 Channel Promo

This is going to give you a taste of what’s to come on YouTube folks, 2015 is going to be a big year for LRRS Information about the channel and our groups can be found by following the link:

AirForceOne Trophy CO2 .25 **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of this powerful little CO2 pistol. Join us on Facebook- DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held liable for any injury […]

Daystate Wolverine Forester LE **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

One of the best Airguns I have ever used, period. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to us! Join us on Facebook! DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not […]

FAC Kalibrgun Scopecam Rabbit Shooting

A couple of rabbits taken with the Cheshire Gun Room 15-35ftlbs power adjustable Kalibrgun Cricket. Join in the discussions in the groups… Shooters from air rifle to centrefire are warmly welcomed to the LRRS collection of groups. Here you will find lots of new content all of the time. You can share the experience of […]

Hatsan Model 25 **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the Hatsan Model 25 break barrel air pistol. Specification- • Break barrel, single cocking system & single shot semi recoiless air pistol. • 4.5 mm (.177) • Ergonomically designed, rugged & compact design synthetic pistol grip. • Precision rifled steel barrel-outside covered with synthetic. • Manual safety. • Cocking safety (anti […]


A Racknload review of the FX Bobcat. In 2012, FX developed and brought into production the Bobcat air rifle. The design team at FX looked very hard at the competition’s bull pup offerings and found most cocking systems very hard and uncomfortable to use in the field or on the bench. In typical FX tradition […]

Weihrauch HW45 Black Star **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the updated classic HW45. Technical Specifications Model Weihrauch HW45 Black Star Type Variable power spring/piston Calibre .177 .20 .22 Weight: 2.7lbs Overall Length: 11inches Barrel Length: 6.75inches Grips: Wooden laminate target Trigger: 2-stage adjustable DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of […]

Who Turned Out the Lights? NV1

A bit of night vision footage from the other night. Footage is a little grainy due to the mist. Join the groups and like the page. You can follow us on Twitter @LRRS_Shooting Facebook page for competitions and updates: Rimfire group: Shotgun group: Air rifle group: Centrefire group:  

Old Sarum Racknload meet-up (Range Time) by RACKNLOAD

Some random range time at Old Sarum with some of the Racknload crew……good times! DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held liable for any injury […]

.17 HMR 65 yard cranial shot through the scope cam in slow motion.

Only the brave venture past this point. The purpose of this video is to educate new shooters about how hard the 17HMR hits. This is a 65 yard shot.

Walther Rotex RM8 **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A full RACKNLOAD review of the Walther Rotex RM8 from Armex. Specs- Loading – Bolt Action, 8 shot Magazine. Stock – Beech – Italian crafted in the Minelli Factory Barrel – Walther Lothar, with ½ inch UNF Thread Air Bottle Size – 200cc Approx. Velocity – 580 fps Barrel Length – 500mm (19.7 inch) Overall […]

Webley Spector **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the Webley Spector break barrel air rifle. Available in gas ram or spring piston (spring on test) Join us on Facebook!-… DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. […]

Kalibrgun Review

PLEASE READ TO BOTTOM….. This is a review of the Kalibrgun Cricket, it’s a natural and unscripted evaluation from me. There’s a few bits I missed but the most important features/points are mentioned or added as a caption. If you are interested in purchasing your own Kalibrgun, here’s the links for the Cheshire Gun Room […]

Shotgun Action PSG (Range Time) by RACKNLOAD

Random footage of our PSG practice at our club. I really have got to sort the MPA’s loading gate out and mod it somehow! A difficult gun to load fast……still good fun though………for me, yes, I’m slow at this but I’am accurate (ish) and safe……speed will come in time! Bloody great fun though! Join us […]

FX Verminator Mark 2 **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the Verminator mark 2 by FX. Specifications- Cocking system Sidelever Magazine type Removable 12 shot magazine 16 shot when cal 4,5 (.177) STOCK Synthetic: • Adjustable recoil-pad • Ambidextrous (left/right) • Adjustable bottle cover cheek piece (length/angle) Calibre 4,5 (.177) 5,5 (.22) Barrel FX Smooth twist Match grade Length 4,5 (.177) […]

Mosin Nagants VS Steel Plates! (Range Time) by RACKNLOAD

Just some footage of the Racknload crew slamming some different steel plates and silhouettes at Catton Park in the UK. Max range was 430 yards, not far I know but very challenging on steel with old rifles, surplus ammo and open sights on two of the guns. We played with our modern day .308’s too…. […]

Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 Bipod **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review of the Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 series bipod and a comparison to the Harris bipod. The Vanguard Equalizer Pro One Bipod has been designed by and for hunters around the world. Set-up or take-down this Bipod from Vanguard in under one second using a single hand! It also enables you to adjust […]

Calibre Innovations A.R.M.O.U.R. Mk1 by RACKNLOAD

A Racknload review/overview of the new rimfire moderator by Calibre Innovations. A great looking yet very effective ‘can’ for your rifle. You may see in the video that I’am using a thread adaptor, this was because I got my thread sizes mixed up so was sent one for the test/review. The .920 of an inch […]

Slow-mo Melon, Guess the Calibre (Info in description)

Leave the calibre in the comments below, the distance was 50 yards. The breeze block/cinder block broke in half! Join the LRRS groups, links in pinned post of the page:

Rabbit Hunt 6 and gadgets (graphic)

I’m out with the Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile Arc 10×42 rangefinding binos from Edgar Bros and the Eagle Vision Cam scope camera mount. Unfortunately I forgot the memory card for the scope camera and had only enough memory for one clip. There’s some fast fire shooing in the vid with 3 headshots in seconds.

Hawke Sidewinder 30 Scope **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A great all round scope for your Air Rifle or Firearm. Superb value for under £400 in the UK. High precision long range optical systems 18 layer fully multi-coated optics for superior clarity Side focus control for parallax adjustment to infinity 30mm mono-tube chassis for superior strength Glass etched reticle with red and green illumination […]

Letting rip with the 41 mag (Bear defense practice)

Getting to grips with the .41 magnum. Please like the video and subscribe to see more of my Montana adventure…

70 yard Kalibrgun Rabbit Scope Cam

Rabbit feeling the venom of my Cheshire Gun Room .22 15-35ftlbs Kalibrgun Cricket with a JSB 18gn pellet to the head. The gun is set on 30ftlbs, magnification is 10x on the Hawke Sidewinder 6-24×56 scope. Filmed on 240fps hi-speed using the Casio Exilim ZR 1000 and the mount.

Gopher Carnage Across the Pond! (graphic)

So after a month back in the UK, I have got around to editing the gopher hunting footage we took in Montana. Myself (Jonny Ellsmore), Ty Wilson and Enriuque LaRoche from the Point of Impact team had a great time along with camera man and LRRS group member Aaron Groce. The first day was hard-going […]

Why we hunt: Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness – Pilot Episode

Into The Wilderness is the show you have all been waiting for. Pace Productions UK bring you a gritty, as it happens drama, following two brothers in their quest to explore the wilderness. The Pace Brothers draw on their vastly different experiences to quench their thirst for adventure and the outdoors. In the first series […]

An Ill-omened Coyote Hunt

Went for my first ever coyote hunt this may under the expert instruction of Ty Wilson. It was a great experience despite the fact we didn’t get a coyote. We did get a coyote and a black bear to come in to the faun distress call on the Primos caller, which was very exciting. Better […]

Kalibrgun 32ftlbs pellet in flight

Here’s a close miss from earlier with the Kalibrgun, not the guns fault. The slight breeze made for a miss at 80 yards, I should have adjusted. If you want a Kalibrgun, check out

CLA Game Fair 2015 with Point of Impact TV

Went to the CLA Gamefair at Harewood house in Leeds on Sunday. In this video you will see: – 4 bore blackpowder shooting – Amateur archery – Interview with John Farrugia – Thoughts on the FX Wildcat and Daystate Pulsar

Long Range Rimfire Shooting episode 1 Equipment and Scope Mounting

This is the first of 5 episodes in the Long Range Rimfire Shooting series that aims to teach you how to shoot vermin using rimfires out to extended ranges. The first episode begins with me sharing the equipment I’ll use and how to mount a scope. I tell you how Sportsmatch scope mounts can help […]

Nitesite Hunting Review with the CZ 455 .17 HMR

Cheshire Gun Room lent me a NiteSite Eagle to test and review for you guys, big thanks to them. The hunting image through the NiteSite is much better than the output from the DVR I recorded on. There will be a written review of the NiteSite Eagle coming soon in the Point of Impact e-magazine. […]

Viking Arms Sporting – Deer Stalking

Welcome to the first in our new series of short films showcasing some of the amazing products that we have here at Viking Arms Sporting. In this episode we follow expert hunter Rob (Deer Bob) MacArthur as he stalks private grounds in North Yorkshire. For more information please use the contact details below; Home […]

What the FAC???

This is an off the cuff video about how to get an FAC. Any other information you need, check out your local police force’s website under firearms licensing. Thanks for watching!

Cheshire Gun Room Workshop Visit + CZ 452 22lr Barrel Chop + Results

A couple of months ago now I took the bold step of cutting down my CZ 452 to 12.5″ and it is better than ever now! Big thanks to Cheshire Gun Room. For your chance to win a Point of Impact T-Shirt, visit the Cheshire Gun Room Facebook page, give them a like and subscribe […]

Long Range Rimfire Shooting Episode 2: How to make a 221 yard .17 HMR Headshot

This is the second in the video series which covers using iStrelok for adjusting for drop and wind. In this video rabbits are taken as far as 221 yards with my .17 HMR Link to the rimfire group: Link to eBay: With thanks to Calibre Innovations, Cheshire Gun Room and Edgar Brothers.

Run rabbit, run rabbit! ATN Shot Trak camera test

Out spot lighting in Montana with the rimfires trying out the ATN Shot Trak camera. Subscribe and follow along! Check out the new eMagazine!

Bunny Down!

Excellent team effort; Ty on the 93r17, Aaron on the lamp and Jonny taking the reins on the truck! Check out the POI and LRRS groups and our new emagazine

Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness – (Series 1 Trailer: Living, hunting, surviving wild Scotland)

Adventure and exploration is in everyone’s soul. Surviving the wilderness is just the start… We bring you the first trailer from Series 1: Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness For more information on the Pace Brothers follow them on Facebook ,Instagram and Twitter. Search Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness The Pace Brothers also have […]

Point of Impact Nitesite Review (Contains scenes of hunting)

Cheshire Gun Room arranged for me to borrow a Nitesite Eagle to test and evaluate in the field. I’ve used it on rats, rabbits in the UK and jackrabbits in the USA. This product does everything it says on the tin and will turn any day scope in to a night scope. Check out Cheshire […]

Misconceptions 1: 17 HMR Moderators/Suppressors

Here I shoot my HMR with a fancy 17 cal specific Wildcat Evolution (centerfire mod), a cheap Edgar Brothers Sirocco and a premium quality Calibre Innovations A.R.M.O.U.R MKI None of them make it quiet, the Wildcat Evo is clearly better than the other two and the Calibre Innovations offering does a better job than the […]

Competition draws, POI website updates, ranting and new competition launch

Viking at The Great British Shooting Show 2016

A great day out at the 2016 British Shooting Show – exhibiting the latest and greatest for all those interested in Sports Shooting, Target Shooting, Land Management and The Great Outdoors!

Montana Jackrabbit Hunting

I’m going to attempt to explain to you how exhilirating chasing jackrabbits and other varmints in a 4×4 truck is in the snow, I’ll start by saying it’s probably the next closest thing to helicopter hog hunting, for those of us on a more modest budget. All that you need to take part is some […]

CPSA Annual Awards – Development Initiative OTY

Development Initiative winners Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club speak to James Marchington having picked up their award.

Ian’s 71 Yard Air Rifle Bunny

Nice shot by my buddy Ian off sticks at 71 Yards using the Cheshire Gun Room Kalibrgun Cricket. This was the last bunny of the evening, we lost the light shortly after.

Awesome Scottish Adventure Film

A hunting adventure in Scotland with the Pace Brothers & Vorn Equipment Our history goes back to 2009 when the young hunter and entrepreneur, Eirik Andersen, started out with a copper pipe, a piece of wire from an old bike, pieces of fabric and an old sewing machine. One thing led to another, and he […]

Long Range Sub 12ftlbs Air Rifle Bunny!

Shot at 69 yards using AA Field 16 gr pellets, 5 mil elevation and 3/4 mil windage from a 40 yard zero using my Tench Reg’d BSA Scorpion T10 running at 11.6ftlbs. Subscribe to see more like this!

Reloading for Beginners Using a Lee 50th Anniversary Kit (by a beginner)

This is my video on basic reloading, I’m gonna show you how to make reasonably accurate hunting bullets for the .243 Winchester. It is important to note that you must use a manual and work out your powder charges yourself. Point of Impact TV takes no responsibility for your reloading, this video is to outline […]

Ep 1- First Steps Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness (Hunting adventure in Scotland)

In the first of a six part series exploring the wilderness of Scotland, the Pace Brothers embark on a journey of discovery. Cinematically sumptuous, this is the story of what it means to survive, and define what being a hunter means in the modern world. Visit http://www.thepacebrothers,com Also download there podcast today on Itunes, Soundcloud, […]

Plinking with Trigger Pull TV’s Elliott Grimshaw

A bit of plinking with TriggerPullTV’s Elliott Grimshaw. I was using my Tikka T3 Lite in .243 with Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 4-16×50, Harris bipod and the fantastic Wildcat Evolution sound moderator. Elliott was using his Tikka T3 Varmint in .223, topped with a Vortex Viper PST. I couldn’t hit the Firebirds for love nor […]


This stalking film was shot in early February of 2016 over two very different days in Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Scotland. We were extremely privileged to be invited by Falcon Frost to the private estate and both days feature Pro Stalking kit from Merkel, Haenel, Meopta, Lapua, B&T and 3HGR. #VikingArmsLtd

Ep 2- The Long Walk Home , Pace Brothers Into The Wilderness (Scotland deer hunting adventure)

In episode two of the series Byron and Darryl are back in the Isle of Skye, this time destined to push themselves to their limits in order to provide food for the table. A journey of discovery and self belief in the possible, two brothers embrace the wilds and what it means to exist and […]

Gopher Slayin Teaser Trailer (GRAPHIC) Savage 93r17 BTV

I have so much footage from my Montana visit, it’s taking some time to edit, so here’s a taste of what’s to come!

Varminting Gopher Slayin’ Varmageddon (Graphic) Savage 93r17 BTV in .17 HMR

Here’s a snapshot of the carnage that ensued on my recent varmint hunting trip in Montana. Myself and POI admin Ty Wilson went to war with the gophers and slayed them by the hundred with help from Evan Gouchenour, Aaron Groce and Travis Denney.

Ep 3- A Light in the Darkness. Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness. (Highland Hunting Scotland)

In the depths of the highlands, this episode Byron and Darryl head to Loch Ness. Rain, sweat, blood, snow its a journey of discovery from start to finish. Music credit Andy Shanks and Dallahan Visit http://www.thepacebrothers,com Also download their podcast today on itunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Youtube.

Varminting with Trigger Pull TV: Tikka T3 Varmint .223 and Tikka T3 Lite .243

Out for a Saturday varminting session with Elliott from Trigger Pull TV, we later did some long range target shooting and rimfire rabbit control (coming soon). Be sure to subscribe to the channel and sign up to the website You can also find details of the Facebook groups on there.

.22 lr and .17 HMR Rimfire Rabbits: 185 yard .22 lr Rabbits x2 !

After a full day of shooting we went out with the rimfires to clear some rabbits for a landowner of mine in North Yorkshire. We had a lot of misses by our normal standards, but there were some cracking shots taken off sticks and Elliott smashes 2 bunnies back-to-back at 185 yards! Subscribe and sign […]

CZ 452 22lr and CZ 527 22 Hornet Precision Pest Control

Just a few shots from an afternoon of static hunting on some rabbits and wood pigeons using the CZ rifles. Sign up for more

Review of the Hawke Endurance ED 8×42 Binoculars

Here are the very popular, Hawke Endurance ED binoculars in 8×42. These can be found at


True Yorkshire stalking with Deer Bob. 4am, rain falling, boggy terrain and in the thick of the forest great equipment and an expert guide. Watch Meopta’s Surujh Roopnarine take his first North Yorkshire Roe Buck.

CZ 527 .17 Hornet 352 yard bunny shot with bullet trace!

My longest shot so far with the 17 Hornet now I have developed an awesome 25 gr V-max load doing 3260fps and shooting 1 hole groups at 120 yards! Sign up to the website!

V-Max Varminting with the 17 Hornet CZ 527 Varmint bullet trace galore (rabbits, pigeons and crow)

Out with my .17 Hornet for the last 2 evenings, stayed in to edit footage and reload some of my magic 25 grain recipe. Rabbits, pigeons and a crow are taken with this handy calibre. Quite a few pests and vermin are shot in this video, they are all shot to protect land and resources. […]

Ep 4 – The Water Of Life. Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness (Mountain Roe Deer Stalking Scotland)

Its spring time and the brothers are now hunting on their home ground deep in the Angus Glens. Darryl has the rifle and they are after Roe Deer. Adventure, hunting, bushcraft we have it all. Visit

I Blame The Wind! Rabbit Shooting, Yorkshire, UK CZ 527 Varmint 17 Hornet & Tikka T3 Varmint 223

Out and about around some spots in Yorkshire with Elliott from Trigger Pull TV. Here’s a few of the shots we took, we had a torrid time with variable winds. Sign up to the website

Luckiest Crow Ever! Epic 400 yard 243 miss footage! Tikka T3 Lite .243 Win

Out Varminting with the .243 and narrowly miss a crow at 400 yards! I love shooting crows more than most vermin species, it’s even better at extended range, but it’s unbelievably frustrating to come so close and not connect at 400 yards!

Calibre Innovation’s Suppressors **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

A full Racknload review of the full range of suppressors from Calibre Innovations. Join us on Facebook!- DISCLAIMER – Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational and entertainment purposes. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is entirely at YOUR OWN RISK. We (RACKNLOAD) and YouTube will not be held […]

Varminting 404 yard .243 Win Rabbit + Equipment, tips and a bit about the amazing Wildcat Evolution!

Went out on a midge ridden evening to see if I could get some nice varminting footage and took a long range rabbit. I then give some details of the shot and my equipment including the Wildcat Evolution sound moderator. Sign up to the website!

CZ 527 17 Hornet Varminting, Variable Winds, Good Hits and Good Misses!

Out in wind conditions that were constantly changing, had a good time, a lot of misses and a couple of good hits. Definitely a day for the .243 I think! Subscribe and sign up to the website

Pigeon Shooting – Introducing Dec and Loz

A day’s pigeon shooting over the beautiful lands of Sussex. Introducing fellow POI admin Declan Mouland and friend Lawrence Hill. 81 birds shot and 65 picked, over rape and wheat stubble. A great day out and a happy farmer. Hits and misses included, we are only human after all! Hope you enjoy the footage.

17 Hornet Varminting 357 yard bunny in wind! CZ 527 Varmint!

Out again with the CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet, windy again, but a bit more consistently windy. This is my furthest shot to date with the Hornet, what an awesome little calibre!!! Sign up to the website

Rimfire Rabbits 22lr 118 yard HEAD SHOT! CZ 452

Out shooting a few rabbits with the humble 22, the rabbit numbers are starting to dwindle somewhat but I found some to shoot on film for you guys. Subscribe to see more!

Pigeons, Crows and Geese Varminting and Pest Control: Tikka T3 Varmint 223 and Tikka T3 Lite 243

Out with Trigger Pull TVs Elliott Grimshaw taking down some avian pests for a farmer over wheat stubble with Tikka T3s and home loaded ammunition, 53 grain vmax in the 223 and 87 grain vmax in the 243. This farm has a problem with corvids pigeons and geese. These are all damaging the crops and […]

530 Yard Steel Smacking

Just having a play at 530 yards on a blustery day with the 223 and 243 with Trigger Pull TV’s Elliott Grimshaw Target is a steel rabbit about 9″ tall and 8″ wide

HAENEL Tools for Professionals

The Jaeger 10 Pro models’ most impressive features are the range of options for adapting the rifle to the requirements of the hunt and the hunter. On one hand, there are short and long barrels with diameters of 17 or 19 millimetres. On the other hand, there are also special stock features like the adjustable […]

POI Gear Episode 1 Calibre Innovations Rimfire Moderators

Calibre Innovations is company that does all sorts of products and services for the UK shooting community and they make some fantastic moderators. I have yet to test their centerfire line the Ducis range, but the ARMOUR range of rimfire moderators are the best I have experienced. Awesome sound suppression and a well constructed built-to-last […]

500 yard bunnys! Steel and Varmints Tikka T3 Lite .243 Win

After an afternoon of filming a review, I took the .243 out for a bit. I rang my little 3/4 sized rabbit target for a bit and then set up on some rabbits at ranges from 470-550 yards. I struggled to get readings on some of them with the flat ground they were on and […]

543 YARD HEADSHOT! .243 bunny 87 grain vmax

My furthest shot ever with the .243. I thought it deserved it’s own video, not just being featured in the last 243 varminting video! I neglected to do the slow motion on that too before. Enjoy! On later examination from the footage, I took this bunny with a headshot. I would have collected the carcass […]


Designed for accurate long-range shots: The RX. Helix Alpinist doesn’t just cut a fine figure in mountain hunting. The optional bipod (adapter as standard) acts as a stable support in any terrain. The smooth, vertically adjustable cheek piece allows for a quick, safe and always replicable shooting position – a functional delicacy for specialists.

On Corvid Overwatch – 436 yard magpie!

Out on a new permission giving the corvids a hard time with the .243. The location is a steep sided valley that is around 1200 yards across. The only downside is that there are houses at the top of the other side which means I have to restrict my shots to under 600 yards, giving […]

I Hate Fish-tailing Winds and Twitchy Bunnies

Today the winds were light and low value, but they were changing all the time and making it very difficult to read. These misses are unbelievably close! Should have accounted for some corvids today for sure!

CZ 527 17 Hornet Ballstics Hornady V-Max Superb Expansion

17 Hornet Article Out plinking with Elliott from TriggerPullTV the other day and was astonished at how well the 17 Hornet expands! Dumps its energy so rapidly in to a coke can that it doesn’t exit! Just blows out the front! For more plinking, check out Elliott’s channel

Ep 5 – Beyond The Hunt (Hunting Wild Boar Scotland)

Part 5 of 6 of the Into The Wilderness Series, we are back in the highlands and Darryl is trying to hunt wild boar on foot. We also look at what actually is a successful hunt. If you want more from the brothers download there podcast now on Itunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher Visit

Sussex Doe Double – Evening Roe Deer Stalking

Declan and Loz take a nice pair of roe does on the second day of the season in Sussex, UK. Subscribe to the channel and the website to see much more, article and venison cooking videos to come!


We spent two days in October up in Scotland with Pro Stalker Royce Kirkley. This is the morning of the first day with the client using Royce’s kit from Haenel and Meopta.

Venison/Game Bolognese

This is the first episode of ‘Cooking Made Simple’ this will be hosted on a second channel where I will post cooking videos and will only post little clips on here about what I’m doing. I’ll be cooking things I’ve hunted and meat I’ve sourced elsewhere as well as deserts and all kinds of food […]

Slow Cooked Venison Pie

Here’s a venison pie I made the other day, you could easily replace the venison with beef or rabbit or any other kind of meat. Subscribe to Jonny’s Cooking Made Simple for non game recipes. Full recipe available on the POI website soon

17 Hornet Varminting Compilation. Sting ’em!

17 Hornet Article This video is just a compilation of 17 Hornet hunting clips from this year. I cannot wait to use the 17 Hornet some more next year when the rabbits get out of control again! Please subscribe to the channel for more.

Ruger 10/22 Project Episode 1: First Impressions

So today I took out the Ruger 10/22 for it’s first session, I shot it scoped and open sighted and had a lot of fun. Although I couldn’t get the windage dialled in (ran out of adjustment on the scope), I managed to have a play and shoot some groups with a few varieties of […]

RUGER Rugged Reliable Firearms

The 100% American-made Ruger American Rifle® is another engineering innovation from America’s leading firearms manufacturer. The Ruger American Rifle® combines the rugged reliability of Ruger’s past with the award-winning ingenuity featured in so many of Ruger’s new products.

CZ 22lr and 17 HMR Long Range Rimfire Rabbit Shooting

Here’s a compilation of the .22lr and 17 HMR footage with some really cracking shots! The best shots are two back to back 184 yard 22lr shots and a 221 yard 17 HMR headshot!

Tikka T3 Long Range Varminting Compilation .223 and .243

Here’s a compilation of me and Elliott from TriggerPullTV controlling pests at long range with our Tikka T3s in .223 and .243. Subscribe to see much more of the same next year and check out the other compilation videos. Sign up to!

POI Reloading Episode 1 Sizing and Depriming

This is the first episode of a short series on how I reload accurate ammunition for my 17 Hornet, I use the same method to reload for my other rifles. Check out the website for my original reloading video and article on reloading for beginners if you’d like.  

Ep 6 – A Return . Pace Brothers – Into The Wilderness (Hunting Stags, Scotland)

On this final episode we look at the hunt as a whole, and the experiences which come from it. We also stalk with friends and the competition winner of the SACS hunt. We hope everyone has enjoyed the series as we now look to the future. For more information on the brothers visit Film […]

POI Reloading Episode 2 Cleaning, Polishing and Priming

In this video, we show you how to take your sized and deprimed brass to a state where it’s ready to receive a powder charge and have the bullet seated. Powder charging and bullet seating are going to be the topic of the next video. Subscribe to see more and check out the website to […]

Ruger 10/22 Project Episode 2: Mock Up Build

I’m currently in the USA with Ty and we have put together a mock up of what my build will be like when it’s done. Probably going to put a beefier optic on it with target turrets eventually when I get the components back to the UK and build it for real. I’m going to […]

Montana Jack Rabbits Warm Up Night with the 17 Mach II

We went out last night on the jackrabbits and general spotlighting varmints and managed 8, two of which we got some shot trak footage. Plenty more to come, check out last year’s compilation if you like this sort of thing. We will be making a way superior video this year with more than just shot […]

Quick Draw 1022 – Build Video Coming Soon

Ty has been working on a fast handling super light varmint eradicating 10/22 built on a Magnum Research action. Website

Montana Varmint Hunting Winter Jackrabbits

Out in Montana again, chasing jackrabbits around the farm tracks and shooting them static and on the move with rimfiires from the truck. We used 22lr, 17 Mach II and 17 HMR over the fortnight and put a lot of bunnies down in the snow! This is a mere sample of the 150 or so […]

Vlog 1 Updates, 500,000 views, 3000 subs, .204 Ruger, 6.5 Creedmoor and BSA Ultra Air Rifle

Just a bit of an update video for 2017 and an idea of what is to come for the channel. Please help me reach 3000 subs by subscribing! Check out the website:

POI Reloading Episode 3 Powder Charging and Bullet Seating

Here’s the last episode of the basics of reloading, to follow will be some videos on some more in depth aspects of reloading and load development. Subscribe to the website

361 Yard Gong | Tikka T3 223

A very short clip uploaded by Elliott from this afternoon. Some plinking at a 361 yard gong using 53gr V-Max homeloads. Getting ready for some long-range vermin bashing!

CPSA 2017 Awards – Cheryl Hall Development Initiative OTY

Development Initiative of the Year winner Cheryl Hall speaks to James Marchington after receiving her award.

CPSA 2017 Awards – Martin Barker Special Contribution Award

Nicky and Ed Barker speak to James Marchington after Martin Barker was posthumously awarded the Special Contribution Award.

Pace Productions Uk Show Reel 2017 – Pace Brothers

As many of you might know we run a productions company as well. This showreel features some clips from films we have coming up this year. Enjoy. For more information head to