Hot Air

The BSA Airsporter Mk2, new bolts, new silencers and..price increases.

Lloyd shows everyone a new range of air rifle bolts and a new range of silencers and inserts. We look at the BSA Airsporter Mk2 and also discuss newly announced price increases .

The Daystate Red wolf Blue, the Brocock Bantam Laminate and a fantastic subscribers contribution.

Tony shows the beautiful looking new laminated Brocock Bantam HR and the Red Wolf but in blue. We also show an excellent video made by one of our subscribers.

Fascinating special guest from Hill pumps, plus bonus silly hat.

We have a fascinating special guest from Ernest Hill air rifle pumps today ( commonly known as Hills pumps). Dom shares the history, pitfalls, advantages and tips. He also mentions the new Electric airgun compressor.

BSA Defiant …a slightly different conclusion to the rest. We also look at another Classic.

The incompetence knows no bounds.. We completely forgot to review the BSA Defiant so I guess you could call this bonus content. Why is our review different to the other channels ..We are as confused as you will be…

Webley Mk3 , Diana model 50 and the Feinwerkbau sport

We look at a few more classic air rifles today Including the Feinwerbau sport , the Classic Webley Mk3 and its competitor , the Diana Model 50 .

Brocock Commander, Hw110K announcement , Air arms Ts400

We chat about the Ragley Hall gamefair , airgun retailers profits , new announcements such as the Air arms Ts400 and Weihrauch Hw110K and show you the Brocock Commander . With special guest…Fred the fly 😉

The beautiful Air arms NJR, a Sterling you can buy …

We show the fantastic, classic Air arms NJR , Sterling HR81 and finish talking to Roger about HFT .

The Weihrauch Hw95K and some Air Arms news.

We take a look at one of the best £300 springers on the market and announce Air arms plans to change distribution and what it means to you …

Scottish airgun licensing , the new Sig X5 and a special guest.

Today we chat with Russ Douglas ,who has been writing for the magazines about the impact of Scottish airgun licensing. Also we look at the latest Sig X5 Co2 pistol and a golden oldie , the Walther Cp88. Russ has a Flickr album :  

The Park Rh91, Webley MkVI pistol and Beeman Duel conclusion.

Lloyd thinks the Beeman Duel isn’t awesome … Youtube first? We also look at the Park RH91 recoilless twin piston classic and the Webley MkIV pistol.

The Kral Np-02 and a competition

We talk about the new Kral Nice Price-02 . Its not all glowing but its certainly fantastic value. Also Tony announces a little competetion to win an air pistol

Our first Q&A and something a little different just for fun .

Questions from viewers and Lloyd shows us Hitlers buzz saw and pretends to be John Wayne

Diana N-tec air rifle and nikko panamax scopes. Part 2 of 3

After the range visit we are back in the studio discussing the Diana, gas ram tech and my favourite mid priced scope range, the Nikko Panamax’s

A day out with the Diana N-Tec and Hw45 Episode 6 part 1 of 3 .

We take a trip out to the Madair airgun range, and take the Gas Ram Diana 340 N-Tec to test as well as the Hw45. Failure is always an option.

The new BSA R10 blue and the Weihrauch Hw45. Episode 5 Part 3 of 3.

The new BSA R10 SE midnight blue laminate and a review of Lloyd’s favourite pistol, the venerable Weihrauch Hw45 .

Lets get all this stuff out the way . Episode 4 Part 1/4 .

Before we get into the main meat of the video, we have some announcements to make… new team member, new sponsorship and Youtube airgun channel woes

The British Shooting show and Sterling Armaments Episode 3 Part 1/3

Lloyd and Tony talk about the British shooting show, and then reveals the new Sterlings. Lloyd Drools…

Rip off Britain and the new Benjamin Wildfire. Episode 2 Part 1/4!

Lloyd and Tony start a one hour chat about Airguns. The Benjamin Wildfire comes under the spotlight, then it’s on to the highs and lows of 2017.

Stutzens, Bullpups, MTC scopes and more .Episode 1 Part 2/2 ..

More hot air about airguns. Tony shows off the new Compatto target, Lloyd counters with a Stutzen Hw97 and bangs on the table too much (sorry guys, new microphone coming, and a set of handcuffs for Lloyd) Then some fool mentions auto indexing air rifles…

Hot Air… Airgun chat Episode 1. Part 1/2. Bullpup show and tell.

Welcome to our new channel. This is our first video featuring Tony Belas from Daystate and Brocock , Tom Forrest ex V-Mach and Lloyd from Blackpool Air Rifles.