The Howa Varmint .223 in the MDT Oryx Chassis.

Getting back into the swing of things, after being on the other end of the camera for a while! I’m a bit rusty but that can be polished out! Anyway back to the point, this MDT Oryx Chassis is a great bit of kit for the money. A full metal centre fire chassis new for […]

The Brand New scope from North West Custom Parts.

A look into the new NWCP CMR 1-8×24 IR Riflescope. Great for .22lr mini rifle shooting or air rifle pest control, or anyone planning on shooting civilian service rifle “CSR”  

The Northern Shooting Show 2018

Just some of the many highlights from the Northern Shooting Show this year. Thanks to the Team at the Northern Shooting Show for letting me loose with the camera, and on the unsuspecting retailers!

Visiting Country Sports Wholesale, Vortex Distributer

Visiting Country Sports Wholesale, getting to see some new products and take a peak at what is on the shelves. With new products that can be seen at the Northern Shooting Show. http://csw-online.co.uk https://www.northernshootingshow.co.uk 617 logo by http://three29design.com

Review – The Britannia CZ 455 Rail.

The New Britannia Rail for the CZ 455 ,452,527. Starting at £49.95 to £129.99, in standard length and extended. This is suited for the rimfire that needs an extended rail. Made from aluminium, it simply slides on to the dove tail groove on the action. Other rails for there makes are available. For more information […]

Review – Britannia CZ 455 Chassis

The Britannia Rifle Chassis, is all aluminium and is inletted for the CZ 455 action. This model is in Titanium with another three colours available. Thanks to Country Sports Wholesale LTD for the loan of the chassis for review, to find out more go to the links below. You can see these and more at […]

Hawke Vantage IR .17 HMR

A look at the Hawke X-act reticle in .17 HMR. This is the 4-12x40mm Vantage IR with red and green Illuminated reticle. With footage shooting to 300 yards, with a zero of 100 yards. This is not a paid review, but my own experience using this optic. This was on loan to me, having owned […]

Photon RTs : 4.5-9x42mm

A short review of the new Yukon Photon RTs. With its on board recording and mic. With a better detection range and IR this is a great start for anyone wanting to record their shoots and show to friends and family. At the time of shooting all my permissions were in crop. So couldn’t get […]

Air Arms Alpha: 10m Match Pistol

Here is the review of the, Air Arms Alpha 10m Match Pistol. A very capable bit of kit in the right hands. But a great piece of engineering as well. On sale between £600 to £700 this is a great sep into the match shooting sport. Be sure to check the full review and pictures […]

Bell Target Shooting

This is an introduction to Bell Target Shooting. Dave Carter from Lincoln Small Bore Rifle Association. Dave talks about how and he started and how to get involved. Also a big thanks to the Northern Shooting Show and Air Arms, for their backing to make this available for new shooters. You can find their links […]

The Northern Shooting Show Highlights Part 2

More from the Northern Shooting Show, with the first showing of the new Vortex Strike eagle 1-8×24, recently released to show in America.

Armsan Armtac RS S1

New from Armsan. The RS-S1 Armtac. A 12g semi auto, with two box mags. 1x 5 round mag and 1×10 round box mag. Both together worth £110. Also in the package is 3 chokes with built in muzzle breaks. It is also cerakoted. All package up in a hardcase for £950. Check out my full […]

Review of the Hawke Endurance ED 8×42 Binoculars

Here are the very popular, Hawke Endurance ED binoculars in 8×42. These can be found at http://www.hawkeoptics.com