Sabatti Urban Sniper **FULL RACKNLOAD REVIEW**

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A great rifle with a bad name! I’m really impressed with this rifle just hate that mag release! The thumbhole stock in high resistance Nylon charged with 30% fibreglass increases strength and reduces vibrations. The cheekpiece is fully adjustable and so is the LOP. The Urban Sniper is so compact and easy to carry to be the ideal companion for driven wild boar hunting in the thick of the woods. However, the 510-mm MRR barrel makes it also perfect in a rifle shooting competition. The barrel is 22 mm diameter at the muzzle and comes with 5/8’’-24 threads to fit a muzzle brake and thread cup.

The bolt features an interchangeable tactical handle and an external magazine release lever particularly suitable for the faster pace of competitions or for wild boar hunting in the wood. The bolt action rifle comes with an Accuracy International compatible 10-round magazine (5 rounds for the Italian market). Triggers are standard. Barrels and actions are blued to reduce glare. Advantages Best value for the money Modern and captivating design Excellent precision Very compact shot groups with minimal shot dispersion even with standard ammunition; Barrels that overheat less and produce minimal shot migration on target; More durable barrels – less wear and, therefore, improved precision over time MRR rifling Highly compatible with a wide variety of accessories (mounts, stands etc.) Regulation for long-distance shooting

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