The Rise and Fall of a Mountain King.

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Modern Huntsman presents a documentary filmed by Pace Productions. This film, dedicated to the Himalayan Tahr, is produced in conjunction with “The Rise and Fall of a Mountain King,” a story written & shot by Byron Pace in Modern Huntsman Volume Two. The decisions we make about wildlife and the environment cannot be isolated. We have to always consider the global context, and strive for a sustainable future.

This documentary was filmed in June 2018. Less than three months later, the New Zealand government announced a mass culling of their Tahr population, which could decimate the world’s only viable Tahr herd. The IUCN list Himalayan Tahr as ‘Near Threatened’ as a result of the current decline in their native range of an estimated 30% over three generations. Population estimates are, are their hundreds by native country, with the New Zealand population thought to be around 35,000. The current cull plans would leave just 5000 animals, with the possibility of no bulls within this number. The Tahr is currently threatened in its native range and now persecuted in its only stronghold in New Zealand. This film was produced in association with Hard Yards Hunting.

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