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Roy Sledden 1947-2015

One experience I will never forget.

A few weeks back I was asked by a follower for a favour. His father had died back in 2015, but Nathan, his son, was at a loss how to honour his dad’s ashes. His father, Roy, had always talked of feeling like, in another life he would have belonged in Africa. As a hunter and countryman, this was where Nathan felt his dad’s soul should rest.

Not believing he would be able to make the journey himself anytime soon, he asked if I could carry his dad’s ashes to Africa and scatter them. A great honour and privealge to help another hunter to his final resting place, a week ago I did.

The surreal thing about it for me and Devan who I was with for the first few days, is that as Roy journeyed with us, in the foot well of the hilux, spotting game and hunting, it was almost like he was there. We started to speak to him like he was with us.

His final resting place looked towards a snow capped mountain range in the Eastern Cape, just outside Fort Beaufort. Rest in peace Roy.

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