Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 Bipod **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD

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A Racknload review of the Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 series bipod and a comparison to the Harris bipod.

The Vanguard Equalizer Pro One Bipod has been designed by and for hunters around the world. Set-up or take-down this Bipod from Vanguard in under one second using a single hand! It also enables you to adjust for unlevel terrains providing precise position. It features a three-way pivoting head including tilt and up and down movement as well as -30 to +30-degrees side to side movement. The rubberised coating makes the Vanguard Pro-1 Equalizer Bi-pod virtually sound free! Fully extend the legs in a flash and retract. Precise height adjustment is quick and efficient, too. Simply pull the leg to move and lock into place. The Vanguard Equalizer PRO Shooting Bipod features a quick-attach picatinny rail system with two adaptors. This Vanguard Bipod is made of lightweight aluminium and boasts large, textured all-terrain feet for stable support on any shooting surface. Equalizer PRO 1 is designed for prone-position shooting.

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